Hustings Event – Response to queries raised on Twitter

To whom it may concern.


Your comments raised on Twitter are acknowledged and we issue the following response:


Youth Cymru reiterate its commitment to the key principles and values of youth and community work.


The key purpose of youth work, endorsed by Youth Cymru is to….


‘Enable young people to develop holistically working with them to facilitate their personal social and educational development to enable them to develop their voice, influence, and place in society and to reach their full potential in all aspects of our work.’ (CLDSC, 2019)


The recent hustings event organized by young people, for young people  was shaped using the key principles and values of Youth and Community Work.  The event was organized following strict health and safety guidelines which included a code of conduct that young people and Members of the Senedd were asked to sign prior to the event. Unfortunately, during the Hustings, some young people broke the code of conduct and were removed. In addition, we understand that they were sending other young people messages, which were causing distress to the young people.


If you wish to raise a concern or receive a further response, please email the Chair of Youth Cymru at who will respond accordingly.