We are Youth Cymru!

Youth Cymru is a national voluntary organisation with over eighty years’ experience supporting young people and youth workers in Wales. We are a membership organisation, working through a network of local and regional organisations that work with young people.

What we're here for...

We work collaboratively with our members and other youth facing organisation to provide unique, innovative and life-changing opportunities, projects and programmes, bettering the lives of young people in Wales.

The futures of our young people are bright!

Young people in Wales are confident and strong, empowered to fulfil their potential and to contribute to building the Wales we want.

This is everything we stand for.

We believe that young people are citizens and rights holders. All our work is underpinned by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, in line with the Rights of Children and Young Person’s Measure (Wales) 2011.

We believe that youth work changes lives. We are committed to equality and inclusion; we challenge prejudice and discrimination.We believe that youth work has a vital role to play in building the Wales we want. We shape our work to contribute to the seven Well-being Goals set out in the Well-being of Future Generations

In short... You.

We are for all young people in Wales, and for all those organisations, volunteers and professional staff, who support them.

Besides the work our amazing team do? Well...

We work through a network of local and regional organisations that support young people throughout Wales. These are primarily statutory and voluntary youth work organisations, but include other organisations supporting young people, such as training providers, youth offending services and alternative curriculum provisions.

Many of our member organisations are based in Wales’ poorest communities as defined by the Wales Index of Multiple Deprivation. We work in partnership with our members and with others supporting young people in Wales.

We work through the British– Irish Strategic Youth Partnership with our partners Youth Scotland, Youth Work Ireland, Youth Action Northern Ireland and UK Youth to improve the lives of young people across Britain and Ireland, and learn from youth work experiences across Europe through our membership of the European Confederation of Youth Clubs. Our work is shaped by what young people tell us about what they want and need.