Money Smart Toolkit

The Money Smart Toolkit is a resource full of engaging session plans to encourage young people to think about their behaviours and attitudes around money. This toolkit was designed and shaped by our consultation with over 400 young people aged 16-25 who have helped us identify the barriers they face to becoming financially capable.

The Money Smart Toolkit was funded by Natwest What Works Fund

ReachOut Toolkit

The ReachOut Toolkit was created in our pilot year of ReachOut, and then re-developed in our first year. The project focuses on tackling youth loneliness in Wales through community, bringing young people together, creative activities, and social action. This is reflected through sessions in our toolkit which aim to engage young people in discussions about youth loneliness and social isolation, decreasing the stigma around the topic and encouraging young people to help others in their community who may be lonely.

The ReachOut Toolkit was funded by The Co-Op foundation

WeAre100 Toolkit

The WeAre100 Toolkit was created to celebrate 100 years of women gaining the right to vote. This fun toolkit includes information and activities, encouraging young people to learn all about the Suffrage movement through creative mediums. The resource also has sessions to engage young people in democracy, and using their voices to make change in society.

The WeAre100 toolkit was funded by The Welsh Government

Youth Achievement Awards

Here you can find all of the resources and booklets needed to complete the Youth Achievement Award at all levels. It is compulsory to attend Youth Achievement Award Worker Training prior to utilising these YAA resources.