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Youth Cymru has been training the Youth Sector in Wales for decades. Originally a national girls club organisation, we became the Welsh Association of Youth Clubs and are now known as Youth Cymru. historically we have played a pivotal and leading role in creating today’s youth service in Wales and our current training team is made up of experience and qualified experts from the field.


Bespoke Training

Bespoke Training

Youth Achievement Award (YAA)

Youth Achievement Award

Scheduled Training

Scheduled Training


Consultancy Support



We provide a wide range of continuing professional development (CPD) training
opportunities for youth workers and youth facing professionals. Engaging in our
training, which ranges from short online “badged” introductory course to fully
accredited qualifications, will ensure you are able to keep pace with current
knowledge and standards in the sector, as well as reinforce and enhance,
existing skill whilst acquiring new knowledge.