Agored Cymru Accreditation

In addition to its Training Programme, Projects and Partnerships Youth Cymru offers an Accreditation Service. As a registered centre for Agored Cymru we are able to offer our partners the opportunity to access to our quality assured Agored Cymru Curriculum. This service provides an opportunity for partners to accredit the teaching, learning and training that they are currently delivering as well as providing access to Youth Cymru’s consultative support to develop future accreditation opportunities.

The Youth Cymru Accreditation Service, includes consultative support to identify the most appropriate accreditation; assessment development advice, quality assurance support and certification management. Through its Accreditation Service, Youth Cymru aims to enables voluntary organisations in Wales to deliver accredited training, teaching and learning, thereby providing an opportunity for them to gain recognition of their commitment to quality assured accredited opportunities that enable and recognise the achievements of their learners.

Our Accreditation Service ensures that the teaching and learning offered by partners meets Agored Cymru quality standards and widens access to accreditation and certification amongst all our members.

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