Agored Cymru Accreditation

As a registered centre for Agored Cymru we are able to offer our partners the opportunity to access to our quality assured Agored Cymru Curriculum. This service provides an opportunity for partners to accredit the teaching, learning and training that they are currently delivering as well as providing access to Youth Cymru’s consultative support to develop future accreditation opportunities.

The Youth Cymru Accreditation Service, includes consultative support to identify the most appropriate accreditation; assessment development advice, quality assurance support and certification management.

Our Accreditation Service ensures that the teaching and learning offered by partners meets Agored Cymru quality standards and widens access to accreditation and certification amongst all our members.

What we can do for you

Included in the Partnership you will receive access to all Units and Qualifications by Agored Cymru. Continues support and Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Only

You can develop your own course/workshop with the support of Youth Cymru Quality Assurance

Creating the Course and Delivery

Youth Cymru can create and deliver workshops directly to young people in their own setting


Personal & Social Education


The PSE Qualification develop the understanding, skills and values needed for learners to manage and lead fulfilling lives by developing, for example their wellbeing and resilience.


Youth People's Participation


The YPP Qualification support young people to develop their skills and knowledge so that they understand their rights as part of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and have the skills to affect change in their lives both for themselves and others

Wales, Europe and the World


The WEW Qualification culture qualifications introduce learners to the cultural, economic, environmental, historical and linguistic characteristics of Wales in relation to Europe and the rest of the World.  The qualification supports the learners' development of their cultural identity and provides and opportunity to reflect on their position on the world stage


Youth Achievement Awards


The YAA are a  credit-based learning opportunity for young people across Wales, accredited through Agored Cymru. They are an adaptable, progressive, flexible youth led framework which can be applied to a broad and varied range of youth activities. The awards are designed to meet the needs of all young people at every level, providing accredited recognition for the work young people do in formal and non-formal settings.