Youth Achievement Awards

Accredited by Agored Cymru, these awards are part of the Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales (CQFW) and offer a flexible framework for recognising and accrediting the learning and achievements of young people within existing or planned activities. They are a customisable, nationally recognised qualification for young individuals and groups utilising a youth work approach to document and evidence their broader learning and accomplishments.

The Youth Achievement Award follows the principles of youth work, emphasising the importance of starting from the young person's interests, aspirations, and current position. The focus is on empowering the young person to take ownership of their learning by selecting their challenge and setting personal and meaningful targets. The young person, their group and their worker - teacher, mentor or tutor - collaborate as partners in the learning journey, documenting the progress in a 'personal Portfolio of Evidence.'

Reflection and review are crucial components of the Youth Achievement Award in Wales. The focus is on the activities undertaken and how the young person has engaged with and benefited from the plan-do-review approach to their learning. This process and their engagement support personal development and progression towards self-efficacy, self-confidence and personal growth.

The Award has four levels - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Young individuals can enter at the level that aligns with their interests and abilities without the need to progress through lower levels to access higher ones. A completed awards booklet and a portfolio of evidence demonstrating how the award’s criteria have been met are required to achieve an award. The Youth Achievement Challenge is also a sample for young people and groups who want a glimpse into the Youth Achievement Awards. It allows participants to set personal targets, work towards them, and experience the program's ethos before committing and progressing to the full journey. This introductory opportunity promotes self-discovery, goal setting, and the values of youth work in a supportive setting.


The Youth Achievement Awards are based on the engagement of young people through The Principles of Youth Work in Wales and the New Curriculum in Wales. The young person, supported by a Award Group Worker, progressively takes on a responsibility for their own involvement, their learning and their actions. The progression is reflected in the Award Levels ranging from Challenge through to Platinum.

Peer Learning

The Youth Achievement Awards are a means of recognising and accrediting young people’s achievement through a peer group approach. The peer group plays a central role in planning and assessing each group member’s learning goals, developing and supporting team working skills and the ability to work with others.


The awards are designed to help develop participative practice by encouraging young people progressively to take more responsibility in selecting, planning and leading activities. Empowering young people to choose the activities they will complete in order to achieve the Awards, develop their sense of ownership of the activities and the learning involved. This in itself is highly motivating, and promotes wider further engagement in other areas of a young person’s life

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