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Join Youth Cymru to become part of a network that shares opportunities for young people and the youth sector, gaining access to events, campaigns, consultation, training, support, projects and programmes. We’ll keep you up-to-date on all of these opportunities through our newsletter.

Members Services and Benefits

Free lifetime membership

Information about all the opportunities we have to offer

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Membership Criteria

All those individuals/organisations/clubs/groups applying for affiliation must conform to the following:

Accept Youth Cymru's Statement of Purpose, which is "to identify and respond to the needs of young people by using informal, but essentially educational programmes that contribute to their lifelong learning. It seeks to encourage them to become effective citizens through appropriate activities and their involvement in decision-making within the organisation and the communities in which they live".

In addition, all organisations/clubs/groups must conform to the following:

2. Have a minimum membership of twelve.
3. Not to be affiliated to or directly associated with any political party.
4. Strive to have both an adult and club members' committee, or a joint adult and members' committee, and a responsible leader or officer.
5. Have public liability insurance cover for a minimum of £5 million.
6. Must operate within Wales.

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