Mentor and Coaching Training

This evening Mentoring and Coaching training with CAVC – PGCE students was as always interesting and thought provoking. We focused  on change and change theories –as they relate to the mentoring and coaching relationship. We explored how a mentor or coach can best support a learner to negotiate the challenges they face when learning (change is inherent in a learning experience) Our exploration of change theories, I think really shows how important it is for mentors and coaches to engage with their mentee/coachee in response and with  respect to that individual’s own agenda and needs,  not as we are often tempted to do,  working from our own point of view and beliefs about what is in the best interest of the mentee we are working with.  Exploring the different needs of a mentee in the light of change theories such as those devised by Kubler-Ross  and Prochaska and DiClemente,  highlights how skilful an effective mentor/coach is.  Knowing when and how to offer appropriate support is key to a mentor’s ability to support their mentee. Our exploration of the different support needs of a mentee in relation to their own individual cycle of change led us to consider the skills needed by a mentee – a discussion and learning topic we will pick up next week when we look at  “Moral Virtues” and their connection with ethical mentoring practice?! To find out more about Youth Cymru’s Mentoring and Coaching Training visit