Youth Cymru Youth Work Support Fund

Guidance for applicants 

What is the Youth Cymru Youth Work Support Fund? 

The Youth Cymru Youth Work Support Fund has been established to help youth groups and youth workers meet the needs of young people in response to the Covid-19 Coronavirus. The global Covid-19 epidemic has made a significant and unprecedented impact on people’s lives in communities throughout Wales and the UK. The needs of young people, youth workers and youth groups have changed as our way of life has been disrupted in ways we could not have previously imagined.  

The safety measures, such as restricting group sizes, social distancing, limiting indoor mixing put in place by the government will help keep young people safe. However, we know these circumstances are having a huge impact on young people’s health and wellbeing and place additional burdens on youth work providers. Therefore, the purpose of this fund is to support youth groups and organisations to continue working with young people and provide safe spaces, positive experiences and the support of trusted adults.  

This grant is supported by The Guardian Appeal and The Pears Foundation. The maximum amount available per application is £2,000.  

Who can apply? 

Youth Cymru Member groups that meet the criteria below. If you are not currently a member, you can join us HERE and be part of any future funding

*Are based in and work in local communities within Wales. 

*Work with young people aged between 8 to 25 years old who face inequality, discrimination or additional challenges. 

*Are experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic or increased delivery. 

*Have successfully adapted to the challenges and needs created by the pandemic. 

*Plan to spend the grant within 3 months of receiving it. 

*Are applying for up to £2,000 – no match funding is required. 

*Have an annual turnover of less than £250,000. 

*Can provide a bank statement in the name of their youth group into which the funds can be paid. 

*Can provide last financial year accounts of their youth group

*Applicants must be Youth Cymru member groups. This is to ensure that all youth groups receiving funds have appropriate quality of operating, governance and safeguarding arrangements in place – see Terms and Conditions. 

All activities must be completed and an end of short, simple end of project report completed by the 30 September 2021. 

What will we fund?  What won’t we fund? 
Examples include: 

  • Programmes of activities, including summer programmes. 
  • Equipment and programme materials. 
  • One-off events. 
  • Venue hire. 
  • Travel costs to an activity. 
  • Specialist tutor/ facilitator costs e.g. art tutor, sports coach, dance tutor, filmmaker. 
  • Sessional youth work staff costs. 
  • Membership fees and essential insurance costs. 
  • PPE.  
  • Hall lets. 
  • Training costs for young people. 
  • We will consider any other reasonable requests specific to needs identified in your community relating to young people. 



  • Youth groups with an annual turnover of £250,000+ per year. 
  • Activities which take place outside of Wales 
  • Youth groups who cannot demonstrate they take a youth work approach and meet the minimum standards for Youth Cymru membership. 


Supporting youth work in these uncertain times  

We know that we are all living in a period of great uncertainty and anxiety we have not seen before. The loss of essential social contact with friends and peers and the loss of opportunities, through school and community group closures for an extended period, has created the conditions wherein young people have become increasingly isolated and lonely and face greater educational and employment challenges. The consequences of such are significant on young people’s mental health and wellbeing and on their future life chances. 

Youth Cymru has supported community-based youth work for over 85 years, and we stand ready to support youth workers in communities across Wales to meet this issue head on. Our aim is to be at the heart of sustaining youth groups to support young people in meaningful ways, turning this difficult time into an opportunity to transform the way we operate. High quality youth work is based primarily on a face-to-face experience built on relationships. However, the unique circumstances we find ourselves has meant that community-based youth work must embrace new ways in which we can support and engage young people and ensure they remain connected with their peers and communities and have positive routes into their future. 

Stay in touch with us and we will share your stories of endeavour and success in helping young people and your communities. The questions we have asked in the application form and the feedback you give us will help us communicate to funders and other decision-makers about the challenges you are facing.  

Completing the Application Form 

If you have any questions, would like to discuss your idea before applying or have challenges completing the application form then please get in touch. We want to help. You can contact us by emailing 

When are the deadlines? What happens after I apply? 

Applications should be received by Midday 28th May 2021. 

We will acknowledge receipt of your application and we will notify you whether your application has been successful and release your funds by the end of June 2021. 

All activities must be completed and an end of short, simple end of project report completed by the 30 September 2021. 

This fund has been made possible through our partnership with UK Youth and generous support of our funders: