Road Code

funded by UPS Foundation


UPS Road Code can be delivered to 13-19 year olds in groups of up to 15.


Interactive workshop providing ‘behind the wheel’ experience, focusing on passenger safety and make young people aware of how to keep themselves and others safe in and around cars.  


The programme is currently fully funded and sessions are offered at no cost.


UPS developed the UPS Road Code programme to share their success on the road with young people. More than 100 years of driving experience has shown that hazard awareness is a skill that can easily be learnt. Following many successful years of delivery of the UPS Road Code programme in the USA, we are working with UPS to bring this successful programme to young people in the Wales.

UPS believe that many teenage motor vehicle crashes are preventable, and that proven strategies can improve the safety of young drivers on the road. UPS Road Code was created as a state-of-the-art interactive program that brings together UPS’s safe driving techniques and methods to young drivers around the world.

The programme

The road hazard awareness programme engages 13-19 year olds and provides them with the skills and confidence to speak up in potentially dangerous driving situations.

Our innovative programme uses virtual reality technology and driving simulators in workshops co-delivered by youth workers and UPS driver volunteers. As well as providing ‘behind the wheel’ experience, UPS Road Code focuses on passenger safety to make young people aware of how to keep themselves and others safe in and around cars.

The training makes use of useful practical content and workshops that have been designed by UPS to make young people see the dangers they will face in the future as drivers and also as

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Every 20 minutes someone is killed or seriously injured on UK roads
Road deaths since 2012
Casualties in Wales in 2019