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  • Levi Rees
    “These are my chosen three areas as they have a personal message not only to young people across Wales but to me. Being looked after and going through this system of care I believe these pledges are important. As a looked after child by the local authority I would love to share my experience about my time in   care, I would also like to speak on behalf of young people as we don’t have the capacity to speak about these sort of things on at this level.”
    • Children having a say when being looked after by the local authority.
    • Local authorities implementing a deprivation of liberty under the social services and well-being act 2014; young people to be aware of this fundamental power of the local authority.
    • Care orders; should there be a stricter criteria / threshold for one to be made.
    Levi ReesRepresentative for Caerphilly

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