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UK Youth Voice

Youth Cymru are part of wider partnership with the 5 nations of the UK and Ireland. Together we work to achieve the best outcomes for young people right across the UK and Ireland.

UK Youth Voice is a group of young people aged 16-25 who represent each region and nation in the UK to shape the services of UK Youth and influence decision makers to listen to the views of young people on issues that are important to them. They are fundamental to everything we do, feeding into our strategy and direction.

As well as providing us with unique insight into their changing needs, UK Youth Voice empowers young people with a platform to amplify youth voices and the opportunity to get involved with policy work, fundraising and programme design.

Natalie Hussey

Claudia Allen

Representing Wales we have young people who are dedicated to ensuring your voices are heard and push on the issues relevant to young people and devolution in Wales.