Myths and Legends funded by Cadw

We are thrilled to announce the completion of a remarkable creative project that targeted the youth of Wales. The project was designed to educate and explore local and national myths and legends, motivating and empowering young minds to create a fascinating podcast. It ignited a spark of curiosity in the history of Wales, bridging the gap between the past and present. We are delighted to have captured and spread the captivating stories of Wales with our bright and enthusiastic young participants.

Welcome to Myths and Legends, a creative project in partnership with Cadw that aimed to spark the curiosity of young people in Wales and inspire them to learn about local and national myths and legends. Our goal was to help them create a podcast that brought the past to life and encouraged others to delve deeper into Welsh history.

We organized two incredible events, with a total of 75 young people participating. The participants immersed themselves in workshops that taught them about myths and legends, explored museums, and created their own mythical and legendary tales. To help them in their storytelling, we shared valuable tips and tricks, such as using the senses to evoke images, showing instead of telling, setting the mood, and editing later.

We offered the young people a recording session that catered to their preferences and needs, both in person and online. During the event, we listened to their ideas and interests. They expressed a desire to work on Myths and Legends and record the script during a residential meetup.

The residential gathering took place in Porthcawl, where the young people engaged in various activities, including team games, creative Myths and Legends sewing, creative art, music workshops, script and podcast recording, storytime, and a walk to Ogmore Castle. The young people who attended the residential had an incredible time finalizing the details, and we were thrilled to have been a part of this inspiring journey.

Myths & Legends Podcasts

We are genuinely grateful for your interest in our Myths & Legends project. We are confident that we have ignited a spark in young people to explore the rich history and culture of our country through creative projects like Myths and Legends. We are committed to continuing to inspire the next generation of Welsh talent.