Media interviewing skills and knowledge






4 days


Level 1, Agored Cymru

This course will enable you to...

  • Understand the purpose of a media interview.
  • Understand the different approaches for using different media.
  • Be able to prepare for a media interview.
  • Be able to conduct a media interview.
  • Be able to produce interview notes.

The training will cover...

  • The purpose of a media interview
  • Types of information that can be obtained from an interview.
  • Different approaches an interviewer could use for different media
  • Preparing for a media interview to include:
    • the aim of the interview
    • how long the interview lasts
    • researching the subject area
    • creating questions
    • equipment requirements.
  • A conduct a media interview.
  • The recording the main points of the interview.
Dates TBC

Accreditation details

Awarding Body: Agored Cymru

Title:  Media Interviewer and Knowledge

Code: KB21CY003

Level: 1

Credit: 3

Cost, assessment and accreditation

There will be assessment tasks to accompany each session which  will be accessed and submitted on Youth Cymru’s Training Moodle.

You will have access to tutor support in the writing or your assessment throughout the course

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