Llais Ifanc Manifesto goes live!

Llais Ifanc’s project this year is to create a Youth Manifesto for the Welsh Assembly Election 2016. We want to know what YOU want to see change in Wales!

How can Health, Education, Decision Making and Public Services change for young people? We are asking you if;

  • Public Transport should be free?
  • Mental Health should be treated as equally as physical health
  • Should 16 and 17 your old get the vote?
  • Does school really set you up for life?

If you want to have your say then take part in our Manifesto by completing this questionnaire!

Don’t sit back and let others make decisions for you, don’t sit back and complain. Get your voice heard, make a change and take part in Llais Ifanc’s Youth Manifesto.

The Manifesto will be presented to the Welsh Assembly on February 16 2016. There will be a chance for Q&A’s and workshops in the afternoon.

If you wish to be invited or take part in the day please contact lizzy@youthcymru.org.uk

If you would like to join Llais Ifanc Click here

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