20 - 30 mins


14-25 years






The aim of this activity is for young people to think about how those who experience loneliness may present to others. They will explore and compare how different people show they are experiencing loneliness and what could we do to help them.


Young people will have enough good-quality relationships based on mutual trust and empathy. Feel part of a wider community that values their contribution. Have the confidence in themselves to set meaningful personal goals. Have the skills they need to achieve their goals.


Downloadable activity sheet below.

Activity instructions

Hand out downloadable iceberg activity sheet.

Ask the young people to individually fill in the sheet. In the top part of the iceberg (above the water), ask the young people to write and draw what they think loneliness looks like. In the bottom part of the iceberg (below the water), ask them to write and draw what they think loneliness feels like.

Bring the young people back together. Have a conversation, considering the following:
  • What are the similarities and differences between the icebergs?
  • Why might the top and the bottom of the iceberg be different?
  • What could be done to help someone feeling lonely?

These comments should be written down on flipchart, as they are discussed
. . .


Please feel free to download the activity resources. All documents are editable and can be adapted for your bespoke session.