How to deliver the YAA

Organisations wishing to use Youth Achievements Awards need to be registered.  There is a requirement for the Awards Worker to have completed the Introductory Awards Worker Training.

The Participated Organisation will regularly liaise with the Agency Moderator in order to maintain and oversee the quality and standards of the YAA


The Award Group Worker – The worker will take responsibility for co-ordinating and facilitating the group.  They should be experienced in working with young people and confidence when working with groups.  They will also need to complete the approved Introductory Award Worker Training by Youth Cymru

Agency Moderator – To maintain and oversee the quality and standards in the operation of the Awards within the organisation and all registered Participating Units, to give ensure that all Award workers have completed the YAA training and ensure that young people are receiving the appropriate support.  The Agency Moderator will attend at least 1 Standardisation Meeting within 12 months, bring completed portfolios, network and share experiences with other Moderators

Internal Verifier -   Youth Achievement Awards portfolios go through an additional ‘check’ conducted by Youth Cymru. Whilst Agency Moderators and Award Group Workers may be actively involved in the process of verification, the process is overseen by a Verifier from Youth Cymru. The Verifier has responsibility for all quality assurance decisions relating to the portfolios submitted.

External Moderator - Our External Quality Assurance process is focused on ensuring learner achievement is accurately rewarded. Agored Cymru aim to protect the standard and integrity of the awards to ensure they are respected nationally and valued by learners, educators, the world of work and the public.

Verification Meeting – The meetings offer advice and support to those taking part, in order to ensure that the decisions being made are robust, valid and appropriate, and that any written feedback is accurate and constructive. Whilst in most cases the Verifier is likely to agree with decisions made by the practitioners taking part, it is the Verifier’s responsibility to make the final decision as to the acceptance (or otherwise) of all portfolios submitted for verification. Therefore, in cases where questions are raised as to the validity or quality of portfolios, the Verifier will make the final decision as to whether to approve them or defer them. Youth Cymru Verifiers also carry our postal verification of portfolios at quarterly points

Being a Participating Organisation to deliver the YAA is free of charge until September 2020.