“Computer science is for boys”

“Isn’t it just a bit geeky”

“Code is for gamers trapped in their bedrooms”

Ever heard your young people say something similar? Or maybe you’ve even thought the same…

Well these may be some of the biggest stereotypes but actually, computer science is becoming increasingly popular and more importantly, it’s part of almost everything young people love; fashion, music, food, social media, sport, theatre – even your microwave is powered by code.

It’s also got the backing of many celebs, from musicians, models, comedians, sports stars, presenters, and actors – even a member of Taylor Swift’s squad!

But UK Youth’s Generation Code is more than just learning about code. It’s about inspiring young people in a digital world by using themes that interest them while challenging the perceptions of computer science.

By running Generation Code you have the power to enable young people to take advantage of new digital opportunities in a world where 90% of all jobs require digital skills.

What is Generation Code?

Generation Code is a UK Youth and Youth Cymru programme, run in partnership with Microsoft, to address the lack of skills and interest in computer science in young people.

Using a BBC micro:bit – a cool piece of tech that proves anyone can code – Generation Code allows young people to explore, create and be inspired by computer science.

Generation Code taps into the interests of young people so that regardless of their passion or career aspirations, all young people can feel inspired by technology. Whether they want to be the next big fashion designer, musician or even astronaut, the new programme can be tailored to fit their needs and ensure that coding is relevant to their aspirations.

Youth Workers and Code Champions Training on Generation Code

Great Training Course at the Wales Millenium Centre, we are now ready to deliver Coding Workshops to our young people

Interested in learning more about coding?

If your interested in more information and would like us to deliver workshops to young people please contact wenna@youthcymru.org.uk

The programme is for beginners who are interested in engaging in coding.

Generation Code win the Tech4Good Awards

First and foremost, we are delighted to announce that Generation Code has won the Digital Skills category at the BT Tech4Good Awards!  Our work has been recognised for helping to prepare young people with vital skills for the fast-paced digital era we live in. All of the finalists have done incredible work, and shared amazing stories about the work they were doing in helping build skills for the future.  Generation Code is now a double-award winning programme!

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