Generation Code Accelerator

Funded by Microsoft

Making Young People Digital Creators

The Current Situation

At least 30,000 young adults aged 15-24 lack the fundamental digital skills needed in today's 'digital-by-default' society.  In the UK it's estimated the 90% of all jobs now require digital skills to some degree.

Many young people are digital consumers rather than the digital creators making the technology.  As the world around us changes to a digital landscape, we need to empower young people with the digital skills and awareness to make the most of the opportunity technology could bring to their lives.

Barriers to tech could include a lack of access to up-to-date hardware, software and WIFI.  It could include personal or parental fear of cyberbullying and online safety.  It could be that young people have not had the chance to practise digital skills in school or at home and may not be aware of the opportunities which digital skills can provide

Our Solution

We want to make digital learning a priority for young people and provide the skills and knowledge they need to flourish in the digital world.  To have the access, skills and support they need to build bright futures, regardless of their background or circumstance.

We want to create long-term impact across the youth sector by helping youth workers to upskill, build partnerships and embed digital into their youth work through a sustainable model of provision.

Upskill Young People & Youth Workers

Calling all Youth Workers, and Young People age 15-24, come along to our Virtual TechTalk Taster session and listen to speakers from tech industries, future career in tech and up and coming influences with the ability to ask questions.

Thursday 29th October 2020 @ 11am

Digital Youth Work

In recent months, due to Covid-19 digital Youth Work has increased. Some workers are already experienced in Digital Youth Work and are continuing to deliver youth work, others have had to deliver with minimum skills and experience very quickly.

As part of the Generation Code Accelerator Programme we will train Youth Workers to understand how digitalisation and digital transformation impacts young people, the youth work sector and youth work practice