General Election 2019!

Its that time again! Time for a General Election. Why does that affect me? Why does that affect you?

Members of Parliament represent around 97,200 people in their areas including you. Voting in an election gives you the chance to have a say on who represents you. Remember MP’s work for you, don’t leave it to politicians to second guess what you want.

Now if you already know a bit about General Elections you may know they are held every 5 years. The purpose is to elect new MP’s and ultimately decide who will lead the Government as party or group of parties.

Hang on? Didn’t we have a General Election in 2017? That is correct! However, an election can be held sooner if a Government falls or members of Parliament together can call for another General Election because they are unhappy with how the current Government is running the country. Equally the Prime Minister and their Government can also call for another General Election with the approval of members of Parliament. Below you can see how each age group voted in the last election.

Results of how age groups voted in the last election.

This process is so important and vital to how the country will be run in future and you play a part in deciding how that should be done.

As young people you will have till the 26th November 2019 to register to vote in the upcoming election which will take place on the 12th December 2019. In our last General Election in 2017 36% of people registering to vote were 16-24-year old’s. When it came to election day, roughly 58% of 18-24-year old’s turned up to vote. That’s only just over half of all the young people registered voting.
Young people make up 30% of the UK population but you are 100% of that future! Now has never been a more important time to be part of that future and have your voices heard.

Of course, you will need to know more about what decision to make. Political parties, the competition, the debate between them are important parts of this decision. Each party will have key ideas that their members and followers will think are important to them. Sometimes the parties share the same ideas but have different ideas on how they could best achieve those goals. You have one job. To choose who you think best represents your needs in the way you agree with most. Who would you vote for and why? It’s a big decision and many people will be unsure. If your unsure do not feel alone. Links to all the political parties can be found at this page will help you understand more about the parties and what each stands for and hopes to achieve if they win.

The rest is up to you. Be sure to get involved! Use your vote in the next General Election and tell the world you’re here, tell the world what you want and what you need. Be part of creating a future you want.

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