Conflict of Interest

This process applies to the assessment and internal verification processes as they pertain to Agored Cymru accreditation as related and relevant to Youth Cymru’s Training Provision.

Process context

A potential conflict of interest may arise when a responsible person either the Tutor Assessor or the Internal verifier has an interest or connection with either an organisation commissioning accredited training from Youth Cymru, or with an individual learner accessing that training either independently or as sponsored by a organisation or agency.

Where that interest is of such a nature that it may influence the independent judgements of that Tutor Assessor or Internal Verifier, when making assessment decisions or undertaking internal verification processes and decisions, the following process and associated actions will apply. It is not possible to enumerate all situations which could constitute a conflict. The facts of each situation will determine whether the interest in question is such as to bring it within the area of potential conflict hence the process will be adapted and applied as relevant.

In determining whether an interest held involves conflict, Youth Cymru will assess on a case by case basis in relation to the extent to which an interest will affect the objectivity of the judgement and decisions made by the Tutor Assessor and/or Internal Verifier. In the case of a conflict it is assumed that sound judgement based upon the particular facts involved in each case will ensure fairness and transparency.


  1. Disclosure Requirements: All tutors and internal verifiers must disclose an interest or relationship with either individuals or organisations as they become aware of that interest, making evident and transparent their relationship with an organisation or individual learner.
  2. Youth Cymru will inform all tutors and Internal Verifiers of this requirement and be proactive in ensuring disclosure is facilitated.
  3. Each interest situation will be treated on a case by case basis.
  4. The interest and relationship will be assessed and in the event of potential conflict being identified Youth Cymru will put in place the relevant safeguards to ensure legitimate assessment and internal verification decisions.
  5. Dependent on the situation disclosed Youth Cymru would identify either an alternative tutor or Internal Verifier to deliver the course (most commonly in the event of organisational relationships) or in the case of individual learner, a second assessor and/or internally verifier (most commonly in the case of an individual relationship) will be identified to confirm or challenge decisions made.
  6. All conflict of interest processes will be identified and brought to the attention of the External Verifier and Quality Reviewer.

Review of the process

An annual review of this process will be linked to the Agored Cymru Quality Review process and amended and adapted as required.