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It's the holiday season! Newport Christmas Showcase! Are you ready to jingle and mingle at the most happening event of the year? Join us at the Youth Cymru Christmas Showcase for a memorable night of music, presentations, and festive cheer! Watch talented young performers take the stage and amaze you with their incredible skills and young people [...]
1pm - 4pm 28th November 2023 Book 2nd Workshop We delve into the practical aspects of measuring and improving our impact: 1. Measuring Impact: We'll explore methodologies and best practices for effectively measuring the impact of our work. 2. Continuous Improvement: Discuss strategies for consistently enhancing impact measurement and adapting to evolving needs. Session 2: [...]
We are excited to invite you to a series of three meetings that promise to be a game-changer for the youth sector in Wales. These events are brought to you by Youth Cymru in collaboration with YMCA George Williams College and the National Academy for Educational Leadership, we believe your participation could make a significant [...]
Training opportunities at MAC Media Academy Cymru have four exciting new training opportunities for young people aged 16-25 starting at the end of January 2023. Applying for a MAC on Track course is simple. Students can either enrol by following the relevant links below, or they can contact Sarah directly: (07738153357).   Key Information All of [...]
YOUTH & COMMUNITY WORK STUDENT If you are a youth & community work student undertaking a fieldwork placement, through Inspire you can: Amplify young people's voice and place in communities Empower young people to take a lead in youth work activities. Work with the wider community/ partner organisations Get up to £5k funding to support [...]
Reach Out - Making Connections Count Join Youth Cymru for our final Wales youth sector-based national celebration event exploring youth loneliness. This event will reflect on the responses across Wales from our delivery partners and highlight good practice examples of tackling youth loneliness. You will hear from Julie Morgan MS, the Co-op Foundation, youth organisations [...]