The Creative Minds year 1 project in Newport has been an awesome project to be a part of. Working in partnership with Youth Cymru on these music and mental health projects, has always been fun and very productive.

So far, the Creative Minds project has enabled our Play it Loud Studio in Newport to engage with many young people and encouraged them to engage with each other, learning and sharing skills, and being part of a wider community.

Through Champions Development Days, music production sessions, and the Creative Minds Showcase event; young people have had the opportunity to not only learn and undertake music training, but they have been able to peer educate other young people through interactive workshops, and open cyphers on the Glanfa stage.

Being able to direct the young people with their music and art, to get the best out of them just shows how much potential the young people have as artists and creators. Watching the young people develop their writing skills, recording skills and live stage performance has been amazing.
Some of our young people have barriers and struggles that effect their day to day life. Being able to engage them with the Creative Minds project this year has opened their eyes and inspired them to push themselves to do well, from a youth workers perspective, I have seen their confidence and wellbeing increase massively. They are much more open to talk about their issues, and express themselves through their lyrics.
Our social action project was a live showcase event in Newport- BASEMENT VIBES.
It was very successful,  many acts performed live and even the young people who didn’t feel like they could do it, did do it on the night, and they performed with conviction.
Young people and the public were very happy after the event, and everyone went home on a good Basement Vibe.
We are looking forward to year 2 of the Creative Minds project, and cant wait to help more young people express themselves through music.

-Blog written by Jamie Winchester, Artist Manager/Youth Mentor at Play it Loud Studio, Newport