Word Eliminator


60 mins


14-25 years





How I Feel


For young people to understand how changing words in a sentence by removing them  


Identify words that relate to the young person’s feelings through producing an artwork piece 


Recycled books/magazines, Marker Pens, Pens/pencils 

Activity instructions

Young people are asked to bring in a page, book, or text that they would like to create visual art with – Youth workers can also provide resources from donated books etc.

Identify - 5-10 Minutes

Young people will be asked to read a sentence to themselves or identify words they like from the piece of work.  

Remove - 20 minutes

Young people l will be provided with a permanent marker pen, remove words that they do not like, and will create a new story   

Create - 20-30 Minutes

Write out the words on a piece of paper / type them out on your phone
. . .

Adaptations include digital

Get creative

Think about the subject of the book, how you have changed it and what the story means now – if young people feel comfortable have them to draw what that story means over the text trying to keep the text they have chosen as a spotlight. – if they enjoyed this have the young people to sign it and put in a frame! 


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Folding art