Supporting People with a Criminal Record

Date: 16th July 2020

Time: 10am-12pm

Venue: Online Webinar

Cost: £25 per person

Did you know...

Did you know that there are over 10.5 million people with a criminal record on the Police National Computer database, with approximately 2.25 million youth criminal records being disclosed? However, people with convictions are the least likely ‘disadvantaged group’ to be employed, go in to volunteering or education. Young people especially face significant challenges, different to those over 18, if they have a criminal conviction.


This course is designed for any practitioner dealing with both young people or adults who have a criminal record. It aims to offer advice, guidance and help for you to support them going forward, typically into education, volunteering or employment. It is informative, interactive and empowering – designed to offer a level of practical knowledge, develop your skills and present resources that can be used over and over again.

Course Details

Participants will understand:

Types of criminal record checks and what they tell you.

The difference between convictions between young people and adults.

How people can find out about their criminal record.

When is a conviction spent for under 18s.

What do individuals need to disclose.

Best practice for disclosing for young people.

Where to go for support, guidance and further information.

Convictions as a USP – using the rehabilitation journey for young people.


Jamie Grundy

The course will be delivered by Jamie Grundy. Jamie is an independent trainer, educator and researcher in the fields of criminal justice, prison education, higher education and community development. He is the Co-Director of InsideOut Support Wales, a social enterprise supporting people with convictions into education, self-employment and employment.

What others have said...

“Jamie is brilliant at what he does. It was really inspirational, happy and enthusiastic and is brilliant at making others feel good and optimistic about their futures.”

“An excellent course which was delivered extremely well.”

“Very clear and shared interesting stuff, made me realise a lot.”

“Brilliant! Really enthusiastic and want to believe in the people they are working with.”

“It has got me thinking about what I want to be doing when I get released. I thought I knew what I wanted to do, now I believe I can do better than what I originally planned for my future.”

Online webinar training courses are designed to be interactive, informative and empowering - designed to offer a level of knowledge and resources that can be used over and over again.  Each Webinar last up to 2 hours and is an online seminar and presentation.  To participate you will need a computer or tablet, as well as a good internet connection.  Full participation requires a webcam, headphones and microphones - though these are optional

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