Welsh Youth Parliament

Youth Cymru are proud partners of the Welsh Youth Parliament and we are incredibly passionate of  its movement to empower and give young people a platform on the political spotlight from within the Welsh Assembly.

60 young people aged 11 – 18 are your Welsh Youth Parliament Members.

Young people elected 40 of them by voting in our election in November 2018. The remaining 20 were elected by young people from partner organisations.

The issues that the Welsh Youth Parliament will raise awareness of will be chosen by young people. Those issues are then backed by the young people you chose to be your Welsh Youth Parliament Members. The Welsh Youth Parliament Members will highlight and debate your issues at a national level by gathering views from other young people across the country and working with those with the power to make change.

Just a few words from our Welsh Youth Parliament Members

As partners we are proud of our young people who represent our young leaders' group Llais Ifanc and our organisation across Wales.

Elin Morris

“My name is Elin Morris, I’m 16 years old and I’m so pleased to be a Welsh Youth Parliament Member.

I left school at 14 due to the inability of the current education system to adapt and accommodate to the needs of those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Despite ongoing difficulties with education since then, I am now studying towards a degree and I’m enjoying every moment of it. There are some people that aren’t as lucky as me. I have been able to find something that supports me and my needs. Other young people like me are often ignored and left with nothing.

I have anxiety and depression and I deal with trauma caused by bullying and my experiences in education. Consequently, I have been receiving support from CAMHS for the past 3 and a half years, including three months in inpatient services. I believe that if we fail to support young people with their mental health, it will have catastrophic effects on the country during the next few decades. This is why I want to improve support services for young people and their mental health, emphasising on early intervention and providing more funding for CAMHS and other services.

I’m a bit of a misfit, an avid football fan and a firm believer in social equality. I look forward to the work I will be doing with the Welsh Youth Parliament.”

3 key issues:

  • Mental health and the difficulty of accessing support services
  • Fixing the education system that excludes and ignores those with SEND
  • Support services for LGBTQ+ youth and providing equal SRE in schools

... and ...

Abbie Cooper

“I want to be in the Welsh Youth Parliament because I believe it’s very important for young people’s’ voices to be heard.

We as young people, are the generation that needs to be heard and it’s important that people like me make sure we all have a voice.

I’m in Torfaen Young Carers and because of this I’ve had the opportunity raise awareness to members of Parliament previously about Young Carers. I’m not afraid to raise my points and will happily take on any challenge that comes my way.

Being in the Welsh Youth Parliament I’d make sure that the voices of young people are heard. I’m determined and I’m devoted to making sure that Wales is a better place for young people.

As a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament I will make sure not to let anyone down.”

  • Young carers
  • Mental health
  • Help for drug and alcohol abuse