Inspire 2022

Led by young people, for their community

What is Inspire 2022

Inspire 2022 is a youth-led, events-based social action programme which uses national events as a springboard for young people to design positive activities for their own communities, bridging community divides and giving young people a voice in a year of national celebration.


We are looking to work with 'teams' of 6-8 young people (11-25) to come together with ideas for community social action events

Grants of up to £5000 are available, with the average grant awarded being around £800.


Teams of young people can get support to prepare for their pitch day and anything else they feel they need from Youth workers.

It is very important to us that as many young people as possible get the opportunity to be involved in Inspire 2022. A separate fund is available to address any barriers to participation.


Teams of young people will 'pitch' their ideas to a panel of local community members (including young people) either in person/online.

The panel will either recommend pitch to go onto the next stage (within 3 days) or suggest areas to improve the idea and invite the team back to the next local pitch day (held every 4-6 weeks).


Once your pitch has been accepted by the local panel, you will be asked to submit an Expression of Interest to the all-Wales panel

This will include more details on the event, timings, etc. The panel meets every 2 weeks, and will make the final decision on grant EOIs.


Once the all-Wales panel have approved your EOI, the money will be available to spend!

We will work with individual teams on how best to make this work for you. Teams will then deliver and evaluate the community social action event. All successful teams will also be invited to a national celebration in 2023 to showcase their community event!

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