Cynefin application process


What is the application process and the submission deadlines?

The application process is NOW OPEN!

We are aiming to be as flexible as possible to support individuals and organisations.

We anticipate allocating all the small start-up project grants (max £500) by 30th November 2022. The community consultation, research and project planning to be complete by 31st March 2023. If you feel that your project is ready to go, you can apply for the full grant (maximum £5,000) straight away! We anticipate projects lasting for 6-12 months (depending on when they start). Applications for the start-up grants will be considered by a panel of young people and adults. All applications for full grants will require a ‘pitch’ to be presented to a panel to bring the proposal’s community benefits ‘to life’ and allow us to get to know those involved digitally or in person