Young Person's Accredited Training Programme

Youth Cymru provides accredited training workshops for young people in a variety of subject areas.

Delivered by qualified experienced youth workers, the interactive accredited learning sessions are supported by the Agored, Cymru Learning Core Qualifications framework.

These qualifications are built around the Curriculum for Wales reform and enable young people to benefit from youth work sessions that will provide them with the opportunity to learn and gain qualifications with linked performance points.

They provide with a real, meaningful foundation of skills, knowledge and development to affect and improve their learning and future employment prospects.

The qualifications contribute to performance thresholds as the accreditation and qualifications sit on the Qualifications in Wales (QiW) qualification database.


The suite consists of four curriculum areas:

1. Personal and Social Education (PSE) The PSE qualifications develop the understanding, skills and values needed for learners to manage and lead fulfilling lives by developing, for example, their wellbeing and resilience.

2. Work Related Education (WRE) The WRE qualifications develop a learner’s work skills, their job application skills and their work ethic so that they can get a firm foot on the employment ladder, whether they are re-entering the workplace or improving their skills through volunteering.

3.  Young People’s Participation (YPP) This YPP qualifications support young people to develop their skills and knowledge so that they understand their rights as part of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and have the skills to affect change in their lives both for themselves and others.

4. Wales, Europe and the World (WEW) The WEW qualifications culture qualifications introduce learners to the cultural, economic, environmental, historical and linguistic characteristics of Wales in relation to Europe and the rest of the world. The qualification supports the learners’ development of their cultural identity and provides an opportunity to reflect on their position on the world stage.

Who are they for?

These qualifications are for all learners. They are accessible to those who are under the age of 16 (usually from the age of 14) and upwards. For learners who are under the age of 14, special requirements must be met before Agored Cymru can agree to the qualifications being used.

Levels and progression:

The units are available from level Entry 1 to Level 2. Some of the qualifications have a mixture of units at the qualification level and the level below. This means that learners can progress across qualification levels and sizes so that they can increase their confidence whilst still developing their skills and knowledge.

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