Save Your Energy

Funded by the Energy Industry Voluntary Redress Scheme –

This project will work with young people to educate and train them to engage with energy issues, providing the understanding, tools, personal support and resources that they need to make better informed choices and decisions regarding energy.

A toolkit will be developed to help specialist youth workers integrate energy advice into their work with young people and the project will enable four social action projects to be developed by young people across Wales.

If your interested in getting involved in the programme, please contact

If you are a young person aged 14-25 and responsible for the heating and electricity in your home, or if you are a youth facing professional, please take 2 minutes to answer this survey.
This survey aims to find the gaps in resources for young people around energy issues in the home.
This survey is available in English and Welsh.
If you need one-to-one support. Please contact Anna via

Text Anna: 07776685360