Generation Code 


Code powers our digital world and is becoming integral to all industries. Every website, smartphone app, computer programme, calculator and even microwave relies on code to operate. With this evolution, coders are now becoming the architects and builders of the digital age. We want to ensure that the youth sector is not left behind in providing vital opportunities to young people, allowing them to join this new generation of coders.

Generation Code provides coding training and resources to youth workers across the UK, upskilling them and enabling them to pass on this knowledge to other youth workers and young people in their network. During the programme, 16,000 hard-to-reach young people discover how computers work, how to code and even how to make their own app, through a series of six, fun and exciting 30-minute bitesize sessions. Youth workers are provided with a BBC micro: bit to  help the young people they work with get creative, get connected and get coding.

Those taking part also have the opportunity to enter a nationwide competition: The Generation Code Challenge. Using their new coding skills, young people work together to design a new app idea to tackle a social issue in their community. The programme helps inspire future career and education choices by showcasing the increasing opportunities available in the digital world.

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