All Present

This project is funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund until December 2019.

Through the All Present project, Youth Cymru and the Awen Cultural Trust, with young people (aged 11- 25) lead an investigation of the experiences of youth and what it is and was like to be young in Bridgend through the generations.

With the stories of older generations from the local area, the project focuses on the experiences of youth, enabling the sharing of their histories with the young participants. The project allowed young people to compare and reflect on their own contemporary lives.

All Present explores the heritage of local people and places around Bridgend, from the 1940’s till Present day. Through exploring these 8 different eras it ensures the heritage that has not previously been recorded or documented and is currently only know by older generations is heard by all.

This project can be picked up and used pan Wales through our toolkit, which is available to download for free further on this page. Inside this toolkit you will find activities and resources to help, inspire and motivate young people to learn about their local heritage, through different themes such as fashion, music, food. Which can all come together to create a heritage celebration event. Through this toolkit, all generations will have the opportunity to explore, research, investigate and document youth experience through the ages, exploring the similarities and differences.

To celebrate all the stories and people involved in All Present we are holding a heritage showcase. The Pavilion Theatre, Wednesday 20th November 2019. This youth lead event is open to the public and will feature a vintage fashion show, alongside musical and dance performances. If you would like to get involved, we are currently recruiting volunteers for the showcase.

Models Wanted: 18+, all genders and sizes welcome. Hosts/ Presenters Wanted: Training provided by Radio Platform in Cardiff. Event Team Wanted: Lighting and audio assistance, general help with running the event.

All volunteers must be available Wednesday 20th November 2019. To sign up contact