Who might be lonely?


30 mins


14-25 years






The aim of this activity is for young people to consider the different groups of young people that are at risk of suffering from loneliness. They will explore what is is about theses groups that make them particularly vulnerable and what could be done to help young people like this.


Young people will consider factors of loneliness, Identify groups who could be vulnerable to loneliness and identify the need of these groups, when they are most vulnerable, and what can be done to help tackle this.


Flipchart paper and pens.

Activity instructions

Hand out flipchart paper and pens to each group.

Get them to split the paper into four sections, WHO, WHY, WHEN, and WHAT.

The young people should then fill each section out with their thoughts and ideas on:
  • WHO would be lonely?
  • WHY would this group be lonely?
  • WHEN in particular might they be lonely?
  • WHAT could we do to help them?

After these answers and ideas have been written down they should be discussed, either through feedback f rom other groups and comparisons, or through a discussion led by the facilitator (if it is one big group).
. . .