Talk Learn Do

Youth Cymru is working in partnership with Money and Pensions Service to consult with young people and parents/carers in Wales around financial capability, education and how they discuss money in and outside of the home.
Talk Learn Do aims to encourage parents to talk to their children about money and create opportunities for their children to experience managing it.
If your interested in being part of the project, and to help shape potential delivery of new resources, we would like to hear from you.
You can get involved by completing a short survey or being a part of a focus a group.  We are also hosting online events for parenting practitioners and with financial education providers


We would like to hear from 12-17 year old young people

We have a short survey for young people to complete to help shape potentially new resources


How does your family talks about money?

And what young people do and don't understand about money?


Young people or parenting

If you would like to be part of a focus group, either a group of young people or a parenting group


Parents, Youth Workers & Financial education Provider

Take a look at what online events we have coming up

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If you would like to discuss the programme, please email