Money and Pension Service

Youth Cymru is currently working in partnership to deliver a MAPS (Money and Pensions Service: ) pilot project exploring how financial capability and wellbeing support can be best embedded into key youth check points.

To date this project has focused on ‘checkpoints’ in young adults’ (16-24) who are progressing towards financial independence, particularly focusing on those entering the workplace, including those in apprenticeship. It has a number of key elements including a co-production and consultation phase, when we worked in partnership with youth facing partner organisations to identify the challenges and barriers, they faced in supporting the financial wellbeing of young people. ITEC was a part of this – we appreciate your contributions. Following on from this phase in response to the insights you provided we develop prototype solutions. These solutions include these Train the Trainer Webinars, a resource website and a young person’s helpline.

The Train the Trainer Webinars don’t focus on simply learning to deliver financial literacy sessions but rather explore how to best develop the abilities of the youth sector to understand the valuable role financial capability can play in enhancing the wellbeing of young people. The webinars recognise the experience and expertise of youth facing practitioner and want to harness and support this in embedding these key life skills into their work and organisations. By joining and contributing to the sessions you will enhance this ongoing research and help shape the development of resources that ITEC and other, like, organisations can access in the future.

Sign up instructions:

Adobe Connect

The Train the Trainer Webinars will be run using Adobe Connect, which is an interactive learning platform used extensively across the education sector because of its user friendly features, rich format and reliability. The induction session will allow you to explore and visit the classroom environment, please join us for half an hour to benefit from a “trial” of the software.

Signing up for sessions is through the Microsoft forms link embedded into the invite email. Any question in relation to sign up please contact –

Dates and Times of Sessions

Dates and times of sessions:

Induction Session

Wednesday 29th April 2pm – 2.30pm (0.5 hours)

Session 1

Wednesday 6th May 1.30pm – 3pm (1.5 hours)

Session 2

Wednesday 13th May 1.30pm – 3pm (1.5 hours)

Session 3

Wednesday 20th May 1.30pm – 3pm (1.5 hours)

Session 4

Wednesday 27th May 1.30pm – 3pm (1.5 hours)

Evaluation Focus Group

Tuesday 2nd June 1.30pm – 3pm (1.5 hours)

Session Content:

Induction Session

This will be an opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with the Adobe Connect classroom, download the relevant software and check your audio connection to ensure your positive, interactive engagement in the subsequent sessions.

Session 1

This session will provide an overview of the project placing it in the context of the UK Strategies whilst developing your insight and understanding of what Financial capability means for you and your organisation; enabling your understanding of how you can work towards better embedding these skills into your work and organisation.

Session 2

This session will explore and further develop your understanding and skills in relation to supporting the financial wellbeing of young people whilst providing a deeper look at the project’s prototypes including a new prototype resource website and young person’s helpline.

Session 3

During this webinar you will explore in more depth key financial capability skills, focusing on saving and managing credit drawing on existing proven resources and tools to support you in delivering this work. You will learn about MAPS research and segmentation groups developing insight into how you can best respond and differentiate between the different needs of young people.

Session 4

This final session will provide you with an opportunity to reflect and share your insights, contribute to the projects learning and help shape the provision of future resources. You will be able to begin to plan on how you can better provide support to the young people you work with, enhance their financial wellbeing, whilst also identifying any further support you might need to make this possible.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to meeting you in our Youth Checkpoints Webinars.