Lonely v Not lonely


30 mins


14-25 years






The aim of this activity is for the young people to think about what factors make a young person feel lonely, and to share their perspectives on what would make them not feel lonely.


The young person will be able to compare the lifestyle of a 'lonely young person' to that of a 'not lonely' young person and be able to discuss and share their viewpoints with others in the group.


Flipchart paper and pens.

Activity instructions

Split the young people into two separate groups, and give each group a piece of flipchart paper and pens

Ask them to draw a stick figure on their paper, or to make it more engaging they could draw around the outline of a young person in the group.

One group should label their figure “lonely” and the others should name theirs “not lonely”.

The young people can then write factors of what makes a person lonely/not lonely inside or around the figure on their flipchart.

After 10 minutes, the groups should swap

Once this is done, discuss the responses.
. . .