LGBTQ+ Awareness and Inclusion

Date: TBC

Times: 10am

Venue: Virtual

Cost: FREE

Course Details

Course details

It is vital that staff and volunteers working with young people are able to create safe and inclusive spaces for young people who are LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer and questioning). Shaped by young people and Youth Cymru’s expertise in LGBTQ+ youth work, the course provides insight into the identities and experiences of young people who are LGBTQ+. Through group discussions and activities, it explores and promotes best practice, in a safe and supportive learning environment.


Participants will:

  • Become more confident in identifying and using appropriate language about sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Identify the discrimination experienced by LGBTQ+ young people
  • Gain skills and knowledge in supporting LGBTQ+ young people and eliminating barriers and discrimination
  • Be able to signpost to appropriate support and information services
  • Identify actions on how to strengthen LGBTQ+ inclusion within your workplace


Kay Dennis

Kay Dennis (pronouns: they / them) has worked with Youth Cymru and TransForm since 2018, co-facilitating workshops as well as being a Creative Assistant on Humanequin. They have worked alongside the Equality and Diversity Department at the University of South Wales for three years, furthering trans inclusion policies and practice. They are a trans and non-binary person, and often draws on their own experience during workshops to aid delivery. Kay is studying a Masters in Drama at the University of South Wales, as well as holding a Youth Work and Community Practice Level 2 Qualification.

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