Join Llais Ifanc

Llais Ifanc is Youth Cymru’s young leaders’ panel is open to young people in Wales 11-25-years old.

Through Llais Ifanc you will get the opportunity to be involved in activities such as planning campaigns. You will be also able to receive free training of your choice to support your development as a young adult.

As members of Llais Ifanc you can work with our Youth Cymru staff on our projects and upcoming services for young people. Let us know what young people really need and are we doing what is best for them?

We have many partnerships for you to take advantage of! Represent us to our partner the Welsh Youth Parliament or be a member of the UK Youth Voice leaders group representing Wales across the UK. Not big enough?

Perhaps you want to join the brand-new Young Leaders Network in Wales and represent young people across Wales, the UK and even Europe! As a member of Llais Ifanc you will have access to amazing opportunities and success.

To register to Llais Ifanc please follow the link below.

For further information to learn more about Llais Ifanc please contact