Cynefin is a fund for young people aged 11-25 in Wales. The fund can support individuals
within communities and organisations that work with young people. We will fund activity that
gives young people a meaningful voice and opportunities to actively lead, co-design and co-produce, and build the future community they want. Cynefin aims to be for all young people
in our communities and there is an additional access fund that can support any additional
requirements that young people may present.

The programme

As a legacy of our ReachOut 2.0 programme, we are looking for applications from community-based young people and partners to offer opportunities for young people (11-25) to connect, to access fun, engaging activities and support - especially where they are experiencing loneliness and/or isolation.

The Cynefin fund offers:

There will be a small unrestricted grants (max £500) to support young people and organisations to explore need in communities

Once determined a need, you can apply for funding to 'scale up' young people's ideas to an additional £4500 (total grant value £5,000)

There will also be an additional access fund to ensure that young people's specific needs can be met

We also offer training opportunities for young people, community members & workers to support delivery

Possible activities ideas

  • Community-based peer befriending/buddying schemes
  • Health promotion activities
  • Outdoor activities/environmental campaigns
  • Social action/volunteering/democratic engagement
  • Creative arts
  • Digital youth work (including healthy online relationships)
  • Access to a 1:1 youth support worker/groupwork sessions
  • Physical health activities
  • Access to talking therapies in an informal community setting
  • Detached and outreach work
  • …and anything else identified locally by young people as a need!


What can the fund be used for?

Our learning from the ReachOut programme

The initial small grant would enable young people and organisations to explore


Chat online

Come along to chat with a member of Cynefin

Several dates available

We can answer your questions, discuss your project and support your application process


Interested in applying?

The process and deadlines?

The application process is now open



How will Cynefin be evaluated?

We are flexible

We want to be flexible and work with funded projects to co-design appropriate participatory evaluation methods that suit the work being delivered.