Aspiring Champions – Case Study Jan 2024

Here’s a recent journey of one young male who has benefited from this programme:

This young man is currently living in a hostel with limited resources and facilities available to him, here we share the beginning of his journey to a better quality of life.

When we first started to engage with this individual, he was a frequent drug user, and his attendance to appointments was low which can happen because of substance use.

However, since then there has been a huge step forward with negative drug tests for three consecutive weeks which is a major achievement. His life has now taken a positive turn and with his dedication and our support his outlook and aspirations are bright.

One of his many goals is to secure full-time employment, Youth Cymru will now support and refer him to the On-Track which is a training and employment programme specifically designed for ex-offenders and people on probation. After completing this 10-day programme a qualification and clear employment pathway to earning a well-paid salary is secured.

Currently, his main form of transport is a bicycle which has had issues, our mentor David has been supporting him with bike repairs and showing him different techniques to maintain its upkeep.

Since his conviction, family relationships have broken down, so we have supported him with building these relationships. He now sees his Dad who lives locally, and he is working towards building a better relationship with his mother. Our mentee will continue to support building this relationship, along with achieving his career goals and other aspirations. He “appreciates all we do”, is always “happy to see us” and always wants to share his news.