5 Nations Partnership

Five campaigning youth work charities committed to social action, to make England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland the best possible places for young people to flourish.

Inspiring young people

Promoting youth work

Connecting young people

Challenging inequalities

UK Youth, Youth Scotland, Youth Cymru, Youth Action Northern Ireland and Youth Work Ireland are five leading youth work charities, working locally, regionally and nationally to improve the life chances of young people throughout the UK and Ireland.

We have relationships spanning 100 years.

Five priorities for the network:

  • 1

    Promote the value of youth work collectively

  • 2

    Build contemporary alliances between young people and those who work with young people

    • Big Music Project / Irish Youth Music Awards
    • Collaboration on training and practice
    • British / Irish Symposium on youth affairs
  • 3

    Connect young people through civic engagement

    • Erasmus +
    • Social media campaigns
    • UK Youth Voice
  • 4

    Increase advocacy and campaigning work with and on behalf of young people

    • Challenge governments to listen to young people
    • Youth polls
    • Think tanks
  • 5

    Improve well being, resilience and employability in young people

    • Jobs for young people
    • Share learning
    • New ventures in the UK and Ireland

Together we are striving to increase the understanding of the impact of youth work and strengthen cooperation and advocacy actions of the five partners. This agreement is in tune with contemporary British and Irish political alliances and is relevant to national and local interests. We seek to increase our collective ability to shape policy and legislative changes, as well as energising young people to be more mobile and to work collaboratively on areas of interest.

This agreement is built on the values of inclusion, participation equity and respect, with young people at the heart. It is the outcome of a British / Irish symposium on youth affairs, held on 23rd-24th October 2013 with young people, volunteers, staff and Board members of the five organisations.

This partnership is intended to support and inspire everyone in our network.

Our Nation Partners

Youth Cymru is a national voluntary organisation with over eighty years’ experience supporting young people and youth workers in Wales. We are a membership organisation, working through a network of local and regional organisations that work with young people.

UK Youth is a leading national charity, committed to providing access to appropriate, high quality services in every community so that young people are empowered to build bright futures, regardless of their background or circumstances.

YouthAction Northern Ireland works with young people to support them as active and equal citizens whose voices are heard, respected and valued.

Youth Scotland is the national charity for supporting and delivering youth work in the community. We believe in changing lives through youth work.

Youth Work Ireland works to develop the potential of young people and strengthen communities in Ireland through the provision of quality youth services.