Y7 Summit

We need young people’s views

The G7 are asking for young people’s views. This is their chance to get involved in international decision making. Each year the G7 holds a ‘youth summit’ where youth delegates from each country come together to negotiate on policy proposals to protect and enhance young people’s futures.

This year the topic is inequality. This is split into four key areas: economic, gender, environmental and technological inequalities. The UK’s youth delegates want to work with other young people across the UK to find out what their views are on this topic, and how we should tackle inequalities to build a fairer society.

We want the young people you work with to contribute to this work, and have their voices represented internationally. First, at the G7’s youth summit, and then subsequently the G7 summit itself.

They have until May 13th 2019, and they can do this in two ways. Firstly, by filling in this survey: http://bit.ly/2019UKyouth and secondly, by getting involved with a consultation event which we can organise with you. Fill in the form below to arrange a consultation event and meet 1 of the 4 Youth representatives of the Y7 UK group.