Vote for Youth Cymru | Aviva Community Fund

We believe that young people…

  • Need the right support to have their ambitions, aspirations and opportunities realised
  • Are experts in who they are and they need to be listened to have their needs met and given support to achieve their potential
  • Are tackling disadvantage, poverty and limited opportunities and they need resources to address these issues
  • Have rights and we should work to ensure that these rights are upheld, championed and fought for always
  • Have the potential to achieve great things and to live fulfilling, meaningful and positive lives.

What we know

We know young people have an enormous stake in the future of their communities and their environment and we need this Aviva fund to make sure they can make positive healthy lifestyle changes and work to promote sustainability in their communities. Our work will provide the vital education and support for young people to empower them to carry out local community based social action projects, which will create long-lasting healthy changes in the lifestyles of communities and bring positive long-term environmental benefits.

We know young people are passionate about their communities and the environment, however, they can struggle to know how to make a difference in their communities by making healthy sustainable lifestyle changes and choices – they need our support to do this. They experience many barriers including a lack of information, skills, confidence, isolation and financial challenges. We know from experience that young people have the potential to transform their own lives and communities through social action projects and that research suggests that even modest changes to more sustainable lifestyles can bring profound changes to the environment; our project will bring about these changes.

What we need help to do

We want to work to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills of young people in Wales by creating Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle Youth Hubs where we will support and enable young people to become Sustainable Lifestyle Champions working in their local communities. We will empower them to make healthier and more positive lifestyle choice, support and train them to work within their communities to share their learning and apply their new skills bringing about positive changes that reduces harm to our environment.

The money from Aviva will mean that our project will be able to develop a Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle Toolkit, which will provide workshops, information and guidance to support young people and youth workers to develop their understanding of how to promote sustainable environmental practices both as individuals and as communities. It will mean we are able to provide this vital resource and ongoing support and training to the young people and the hubs, as well as providing them with a vital grant allowing them to develop and deliver their local Youth Community Social Action Projects. These projects will focus on promoting and supporting healthy lifestyles and sustainability in their local communities.

The funding will ensure we can support them in researching, designing, developing, delivering and evaluating their local social actions project as well as ensuring they can promote and document their experiences and learning through social media further promoting their important work. They will develop vital transferable life skills that will benefit young people now and in the future and develop them as empowered, positive and productive members of their communities. The funding will mean we can bring all the champions together to attend a joint Youth Healthy Lifestyle and Sustainability Showcase Event and Conference. This event will promote the project more widely, (we will invite other youth workers and young people) sharing learning and experiences and spreading the project idea and aims by inspiring other youth groups to do similar local social action work in other communities.

Please support Youth Cymru and VOTE for our project!

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