Money Smart Toolkit Launch

The Event

On the 22nd February 2018 Youth Cymru launched the MoneySmart Toolkit to help young people become more financially capable, at the Angel Hotel, Cardiff. The day started off with speeches from the Youth Cymru team and also the Money Advice Service, who all worked together to create the toolkit. During the Q&A session, trainers and youth workers could ask questions about the methods of teaching the toolkit and why it was made.

The attendees were split into 3 groups and the day was then split into 3 different workshops, run by trainers from Youth Cymru. These speedy, run-through sessions were very effective in giving the attendees a chance to experience the activities themselves and reflect upon how these would help young people struggling with financial capability issues. People faced challenges such as breaking barriers, deciding what spending is in and out of their control, and how to effectively save their money. There was great feedback from these workshops, as people found them very interactive. It was great to see the MoneySmart Toolkit in action.

At the end of the day, the attendees reflected upon how they would use this excellent resource to support and advise their young people. Many said they would use forms of peer education to do this.

The launch of the MoneySmart toolkit was a successful day all in all and gave the attendees a chance to explore all aspects of the toolkit, before taking it back to their young people and bringing it into action.

Tweets from the day

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