Money Smart

Project details

Funded by the Natwest Skills & Opportunities Fund, Youth Cymru is running a financial capability project to explore what works in developing the financial capability of young adults aged 16-24. This project will look at how young people can be supported to increase their financial capability and develop confidence and attitudes that will help them to make better decisions, plan better for the future and manage their money when they leave home or live independently. The project will involve young people across Wales in receiving financial capability training, giving their views and informing the development of a Youth Cymru Financial capability Toolkit which will take account of the types of information young people say will help them to improve their financial capability, particularly in the transition to independent living.

Previous Funding for Money Smart

The Money Smart Project was previously funded by the Money Advice Serivce  and the Money Smart Toolkit was developed with funding from the ‘What Works’ fund. The toolkit was based on a research project which developed good practices in developing financial capability.

You can read our evaluation report at:–arain-smart

What young people are saying about the project…

“I feel the project overall is going very well we have already introduced ourselves to the three ITEC centres and are planning to revisit for a consultation. The project has already greatly improved my confidence with talking to new people and steadily increasing my financial knowledge. I have gone through a number of accredited courses to improve myself ready for the future. Team working is a major factor of our project and as such has improved my team working skills, previously I rarely worked with anyone else even in teams I tended to work alone but I’m working more and more with others since starting this project.”

To download a PDF of the Toolkit, please click below.

To read our report on the Evaluation HUB, please click below

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