“Safeguarding Children and Young People”


Course Details:

This training course runs over two days and will support participants in developing their understanding of how to safeguard children and young people in a variety of contexts. IIntended to promote and develop the understanding of individuals of safeguarding issues the training responds to specific organisational contexts enabling practitioners to work more effectively and responsively within a safeguarding framework.

Learning Outcomes:

This course will enable you to:

      • Know about the legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures for safeguarding the welfare of children and young people including e-safety.
      • Understand how to safeguard children, young people and practitioners in a work setting.
      • Know how to respond to evidence or concerns that a child or young person has been abused, harmed or bullies.


The accreditation is optional.
Learners will be provided with face to face guidance and support during the training sessions and distance tutoring support whilst written assignments are delivered. The course requires participants to engage in reflection on their own individual practice, hence there will be a focus on current experience and an exploration of future development and associated organisational, professional and individual needs.

Accreditation details:

Awarding Body: Agored Cymru
Title: Understand how to safeguard the wellbeing of children and young people
Code: PT22CY071
Level: 2
Credit: 3

Current Course Dates:

Friday 13th May 2016
Monday 15th May 2016


Unaccredited: £120.00
Accredited : £190.00

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This courses is also available for organisations. For more details about commissioning this training for your team email: training@youthcymru.org.uk