About Humanequin

Mess Up The Mess and Youth Cymru Present


Weston Studio

20 – 24 November 2018

Three transgender actors step out onto a stage. They want you to listen. To tell you how it is. How it is in 2018. When everyone else has an opinion. Hear their truth.

Humanequin is a play about gender, identity and finding your family in the unlikeliest of places. With director Jain Boon and writer Kelly Jones, the actors worked alongside members of TransForm Cymru and students from Radyr Comprehensive school to devise Humanequin. They shared their common and individual stories and experiences to create a performance which educates, challenges and provokes conversation about what it means to be trans in 2018.

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TransForm The Conversation – Zine

This zine is part of a project created by Youth Cymru and Mess Up the Mess Theatre Company which worked with trans young people and school pupils to create ‘Humanequin’, a play about what it means to be transgender.

We know that trans topics aren’t always talked about in schools, contributing to misunderstandings or people feeling alone and isolated because of their identity.

We wanted to change this.

We spent time at Radyr Comprehensive School in Cardiff, working with a group of trans actors to devise Humanequin and exploring with pupils how everyone has the right to feel included, safe and to be themselves at school.

The questions in this zine were submitted anonymously by young people. The questions were then answered by the cast of Humanequin and members of TransForm Cymru.



The young people who performed and spoke were incredible. They were articulate, mature and open to placing themselves ‘out there’ to educate others. Fantastic.

“Humanequin needs to go to every school!”

Fox Fisher co-founder of My Genderation

What does transgender mean?

What’s the best thing about being trans?

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