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We are looking for occasional tutors to join our Youth Cymru Team.

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Job Opportunity with Challenge Wales | Wales’ Tall Ship

Challenge Wales | Wales’ Tall Ship has received funding to recruit a part time Youth Development Officer and I wondered if you are able to share this. This is part of the growth of Challenge Wales over the next 3 years and is a shore-based role.

All details are in the English and Cymraeg role descriptions attached. Closing date is 8th August 2016.




Safeguarding Children and Young People

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Electoral Reform Society Cymru – Youth Promise

Campaigners have launched six ‘youth pledges’ they want political parties in Wales to back, ahead of the Welsh Assembly election in just four weeks. 

Youth Promise: Getting Young People Involved in Democracyis Electoral Reform Society Cymru’s call to action for Welsh political parties in the run-up to May 5th.

ERS Cymru are calling for parties to get behind a six key changes AMs can make over the next five years.

The calls are being supported by a range of youth organisations including Youth Cymru and NUS Wales, the two main youth organisations in Wales, as well as Llais Ifanc, Youth Cymru’s Young Leadership Panel, and major UK-wide groups British Youth Council and Bite The Ballot.

The six ‘manifesto asks’ are for parties to commit to:

  1. An independent National Youth Assembly for Wales
  2. Extending the vote to 16 and 17 year olds for local and Assembly elections
  3. The creation of statutory Youth Mayors and Youth Councils for every local authority in Wales
  4. Placing the roles and responsibilities of school councils on a statutory footing
  5. Requiring local authorities and educational bodies to work together on voter registration drives
  6. Implementing the Donaldson Review’s recommendations for better Citizenship Education

ERS Cymru will be writing to the six main party leaders this week to ask them to back the recommendations.

Steve Brooks, Director of ERS Cymru, said:

“Wales is at risk of a turnout time-bomb if young people continue to be turned away from formal politics. Just 43% of 18-24 year olds voted in the last Westminster election: the gap between engagement in politics between young people and old people is growing, and will only get worse if urgent action isn’t taken.

“These six policies, if implemented, could make a huge difference to youth engagement in politics here in Wales. There is so much that needs to be done, but these would be an incredible start early on in the next Assembly, sending a strong message to young people that their voices matter and will be heard.

“Wales has long needed a proper Youth Assembly like the other nations of the UK, and the creation of youth mayors would go a long way to improving the visibility of young people in politics here.

“The Assembly will soon have the power to give 16 and 17 year olds the vote – something Scotland did last year after the incredible levels of engagement of young people the Scottish referendum. Alongside decent citizenship education, votes at 16 would be a massive boost to young people’s power over their own lives and futures.

“Strengthening school councils would go a long way to giving students across the country experience of how politics works at a really local level. And there needs to be an enormous cross-organisational effort to get young people on the electoral register here in Wales – so many will be left voiceless if urgent action isn’t taken. Finally, parties need to fully commit to implementing the recent Donaldson review recommendations to give young people in Wales the citizenship education they deserve.

“Taken together, these policies are a recipe for a revolution in youth politics here in Wales, and we hope parties back our calls.”

Ebbi Ferguson, Deputy President NUS Wales said:

“NUS Wales has been campaigning for better representation of young people through political structures. It is not acceptable to say that young people are not engaged in politics, when they don’t have routes through which they can get involved.

“We welcome these asks; they would see young people educated on the role of politics in their lives but of equal importance give them opportunities to participate. Politics needs modernisation if we want to address the apathy that exists towards it.”

Ife Grillo, Vice Chair of the British Youth Council, said:

“Young people care about the world around them and want to be able to shape both their present and future. The British Youth Council believes that every young person in the UK should have their say in decision-making.

“We believe that a devolved national voice for young people in Wales will unify their representation – giving them an equal voice to those in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Empowering young people to have a voice is not just the right thing to do it’s a duty.”

Oliver Sidorczuk, Advocacy Coordinator at Bite The Ballot, said:

“Every young person in Wales deserves to be empowered with the knowledge to help evolve the relationships between individuals, communities and decision-making. And it’s for this reason that Bite The Ballot is proud to echo ERS Cymru’s calls for inspiring political and citizenship education and targeted, engaging voter registration drives to be placed at the top of Wales’ political agenda.

“We’re inspiring 16-24 year olds to become active change-makers; responding to calls to action and sharing in the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities of a modern, evolving democracy. If we’re going to achieve this, it’s vital that young people in Wales make the link between the issues they feel passionate about and politics. That’s why we’re supporting ERS Cymru’s ‘Youth Manifesto’.”

Christian Webb, Chair of Youth Cymru’s Youth Leadership Panel Llais Ifanc, said:

“We back these calls because every young person in Wales deserves the chance to have a say on decisions which affect them. They also deserve to be informed by the education system on how decision-making works, and how they can get involved.”

Local Youth Groups Today Report Launch

Our national partner UK Youth have recently published the ‘Local Youth Groups Today’ report after a study of local youth services led by youth-led research agency Clear View Research Ltd.

The research found that community based youth groups remain relevant to the needs of young people and clear evidence that there is a requirement for these groups to endure.  However, the dynamic of these youth groups is changing fast and it is increasingly important for them to articulate the role they play.

The report features case studies of Trans*Form Cymru and Andrew Kent Music Academy (a Big Music Project Hub based in Swansea).



To read the full report, please go to http://www.ukyouth.org/localyouthgroupstoday.html 

Llais Ifanc

More information coming soon! Llais Ifanc

Arian am oes

Un ar ddeg tim o bobl ifanc o Gymru trwyddo i Rownd Derfynol

Genedlaethol cystadleuaeth rheoli arian ledled y DU

Timau’n cyrraedd Rownd Derfynol Genedlaethol yr Her Arian am Oes, cystadleuaeth

rheoli arian a redir gan Grŵp Bancio Lloyds, gyda ColegauCymru a Youth Cymru.

Mae un ar ddeg tîm o bobl ifanc o Gymru yn dathlu heddiw ar ôl cyrraedd Rownd Derfynol Genedlaethol Cymru y gystadleuaeth Her Arian am Oes, sy’n cael ei redeg gan Grŵp Bancio Lloyds, er mwyn ysbrydoli gwell sgiliau rheoli arian mewn cymunedau lleol ar draws y DU, gyda chefnogaeth ColegauCymru a Youth Cymru.

Mae’r timau wedi cael eu dewis o blith 80 o geisiadau o bob rhan o Gymru i gyrraedd rownd derfynol yr Her Arian am Oes yn y Doctor Who Experience ym Mhorth Teigr, Caerdydd ar 28 Ebrill 2015.
Bydd pump o’r timau yn cyflwyno eu prosiectau rheoli arian i banel o feirniaid uchel eu proffil, gan obeithio cael eu coroni’n Enillydd Her Arian am Oes Cymru 2015.

Y pump yw:

D.O.S.H – (Defining Our Spending Habits)
Acorn Learning Solutions

Aeth y tîm i’r afael â materion penodol a brofir gan fyfyrwyr sy’n mynd ymlaen i brifysgol. Rhoesant wybodaeth i fyfyrwyr newydd sy’n symud o addysg bellach i addysg uwch er mwyn adeiladu sylfaen iddynt i fedru gwneud penderfyniadau gwybodus ynghylch eu harferion gwario.

Be In Th’ Know With Ya Dough
Coleg Gwent, Parth Dysgu Blaenau Gwent

Aeth y prosiect i’r afael a’r angen i bobl ifanc ym Mlaenau Gwent i arbed arian. Tynnodd y tîm sylw at bwysigrwydd arbennig arbed arian mewn ardall lle mae’n rhaid i bobl ifanc i fyw ar incwm isel iawn. Bu iddynt addysgu eu cyfoedion gydag awgrymiadau arbed arian ac hefyd bu iddynt berswadio nifer o fusnesau lleol i gynnig gostyngiadau, cynigion arbennig neu nwyddau am ddim i bobl ifanc lleol.

Radiate – Families Project
Charter Housing, Casnewydd

Gweithiodd y tîm i ddylunio ac adeiladu app ffonau ar thema effeithlonrwydd ynni er mwyn helpu teuluoedd ifanc weld sut y gallant arbed arian drwy fabwysiadu arferion mwy effeithlon o ddefnyddio ynni. Cynhaliodd y tîm bedwar sesiwn wyneb yn wyneb gyda datblygwr app i ddod â’u syniadau yn fyw a buont yn gweithio gyda theuluoedd lleol i fesur ei effaith.

Coleg Penybont

Edrychodd C-Banc ar sut i helpu pobl ifanc ym Mhenybont arbed arian drwy eu hannog i siopa mewn siopau elusen lleol. Gweithiodd y tîm gyda’r elusen gofal canser Tenovus ym Mhenybont i gynnal ymgyrch rhodd i ysbrydoli mwy o bobl ifanc i roi i siopau elusen, a bu iddynt gynnal ymgyrchoedd hyrwyddo yn yr ardal leol i annog mwy o bobl yn eu harddegau ac oedolion ifanc i siopa ynddynt.

Gym Value for Money
Coleg Gwent, Crosskeys

Edrychodd y prosiect i mewn i’r gost o ddefnyddio campfeydd. Cymharwyd pris campfeydd coleg gyda dewisiadau eraill gan awdurdodau lleol a’r sector breifat.  Cynhyrchwyd taflenni a phosteri, a gafodd eu dosbarthu ar gampws y coleg a defnyddiwyd e-byst a’r mewnrwyd i hybu gwybodaeth am y gwahaniaethau o ran cost. Anelodd y tîm i hyrwyddo ffyrdd o arbed arian yn ogystal â’r pwysigrwydd i gadw’n heini.

Ochr yn ochr â’r pum tîm a fydd yn cyflwyno eu prosiectau ar y llwyfan, bydd chwe thîm pellach yn cystadlu am Wobr y Bobl, sy’n cael ei ddyfarnu yn unol â phleidlais mynychwyr y Rownd Derfynol Genedlaethol. Y rhain yw:

  • Beauty Therapy Community o Goleg Gwent
  • Upcycling Splott o Global Love Trust
  • Sassy Savings o Youth Cymru
  • Saving before Leaving o Grŵp NPTC
  • Young Carers o YMCA
  • Young Pension Payers o ISA Training

Cafodd y prosiectau eu cynnal dros gyfnod o dri mis ar ôl i’r grwpiau dderbyn grant o £ 500 gan Arian am Oes i roi eu syniadau ar waith.

Bydd enillydd Rownd Derfynol Cenedlaethol Cymru yn ennill £1,000 i roi i’r elusen o’u dewis.

Meddai Rachel Dodge, Rheolwr Prosiect Arian am Oes yng Nghymru: “Mae sgiliau rheoli arian yn hanfodol i’n bywydau bob dydd ac ry’n ni’n falch iawn fod cynifer o dimau o Gymru wedi cymryd rhan yn yr Her Arian am Oes eleni.  Ry’n ni’n falch o gyhoeddi yr 11 tim fydd yn Rownd Derfynol Genedlaethol Cymru eleni.  Mae pob tîm wedi dyfeisio prosiect gwirioneddol arloesol i helpu eu cymuned.  Rwy’n dymuno pob hwyl iddynt i gyd. ”

Dywedodd David Rowsell, Pennaeth Rhaglen Arian am Oes yn Grŵp Bancio Lloyds: “Mae’r Her Arian am Oes yn helpu pobl ifanc greu prosiect rheoli arian er budd i’w cymuned leol ac hefyd yn eu galluogi i ddatblygu’r sgiliau sydd eu hangen arnynt i reoli eu harian eu hunain yn fwy effeithiol. Mae Arian am Oes yn un o’r rhaglenni craidd wrth wraidd nod Grŵp Bancio Lloyds i helpu Prydain ffynnu.

“Rwyf wedi cael fy nharo’n fawr gan arloesedd a brwdfrydedd pob un o’r timau sydd wedi cymryd rhan yn yr Her eleni.  Profodd yn benderfyniad anodd i’n barnwyr benderfynu pa grwpiau ddylai gael gwahoddiad i’r rowndiau terfynol cenedlaethol. Dymunaf pob lwc i’r timoedd i gyd.”

Bydd enillydd Rownd Terfynol Cymru yn mynd i Ffeinal Fawreddog y DU a gynhelir yn Amgueddfa Ffilm Llundain yn Covent Garden yn Llundain ar 28 Mai, lle byddant yn cystadlu yn erbyn timau o Loegr, Gogledd Iwerddon a’r Alban i hawlio’r teitl Enillwyr Her Arian am Oes y DU 2015. Caiff y timau y cyfle i ennill £3,000 i roi i elusen o’u dewis.

I gael rhagor o wybodaeth am yr Her Arian am Oes, ewch i www.moneyforlifechallenge.org.uk, neu  Facebook ar www.facebook.com/moneyforlifeuk ac ar Twitter www.twitter.com/moneyforlifeuk.


Am fwy o wybodaeth cysylltwch â: Donna McGrory / Joe Ogden yn Four Communications ar 020 3697 4307 / moneyforlife@fourcommunications.com

Neu, James Birch, Grŵp Bancio Lloyds, james.birch@lloydsbanking.com / 02073562239

Nodiadau i Olygyddion
Am Arian am Oes

Rhaglen rheoli arian personol arobryn Grŵp Bancio Lloyds yw Arian am Oes, wedi’i dargedu at bobl ifanc ac oedolion mewn sefydliadau addysg, hyfforddiant a chymunedol. Mae Lloyds wedi buddsoddi £10 miliwn yn y rhaglen rhwng 2010-2015.

Mae Arian am Oes yn cynnig cymwysterau hyfforddiant achrededig, a ariennir yn llawn er mwyn galluogi gweithwyr sy’n cefnogi cymunedau ar draws y DU i ymgorffori sgiliau rheoli arian personol ar lefel leol.

Mae’r Her Arian am Oes yn gystadleuaeth genedlaethol sy’n darparu grant o £500 i roi grym i dimau o bobl ifanc 16-24 oed sydd yn addysg bellach, hyfforddiant neu sefydliadau cymunedol i redeg prosiectau rheoli arian yn eu hardal.

Darperir yr Her Arian am Oes 2014/15 gyda’n partneriaid ColegauCymru a  Youth Cymru, yr Academi Genedlaethol ar Wasanaethau Arian, UK Youth, Young Scot a’r NOW Group.

Dyfarnwyd ‘Big Tick’ i raglen Arian am Oes ac fe gyrhaeddodd rhestr fer Gwobr 2014 Adeiladu Cymunedau Cryfach a redir gan Busnes yn y Gymuned.