The Big Music Project- Russell Jones

Russell is a 22 year old inspiring singer who attended The Big Music Project. Russell from Pontypool, South Wales took to Youth Cymru’s Glanfa Stage and showed us what an incredible performer he is. He sang “fly me to the moon” “I wish you love” and “L.O.V.E.” Old songs for a young man I hear you say, I thought so to, but Russell’s favourite genre is Jazz. He loves the old classics and does not want the genre to die out, his aim is to keep it alive and show young people that this music is classic and should never be left out of your playlist! Russell loves to entertain and to put his own spin on songs; he also worked incredibly hard to get the crowd involved in his performance which we saw at The Big Music Project! He sang and dedicated songs to people in the audience and you could see that they really enjoyed it, but also were blushing with embarrassment at the same time!


The Big Music Project helped Russell to meet new friends that he has kept in close contact with. Luckily for Russell he also met someone who was very interested in him and has asked Russell to perform at a few of his shows.

When I spoke to Russell after the event I asked him what was next for his music career.

“I am fully booked up until Christmas and have an event coming up in Exeter on 15th November for the Harry Cunningham Charity that helps sick babies and increasing awareness of Vasa Previa. It’s a massive event with celebrities like Kym Marsh, BGT’s twist and pulse, and reality starts from Made in Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex. So I am really looking forward to it.”


I also asked him how he thought The Big Music Project went and what his favourite part of the day was.


“I felt the day went excellently, my highlight was listening to Plan B talking about how he got into music and watching Becky Hill perform and meeting everyone at Youth Cymru and performing for them-it was amazing!”



Russell began singing in care homes for the elderly when he was 17, this started to give him confidence, and the more he preformed the more confident he became. Russell started singing at gigs and even joined Only Boys Aloud. His gigs became bigger and he started to meet people that had a big influence on his career. Russell has preformed in music videos with big names like; The Saturdays, Ellie Goulding, Mary J Blige and Conor Maynard. Russell’s talent has helped charities such as, St David’s, CLIC Sargent, Macmillan and Dyslexia Wales to raise over £200,000. It has also led him to Essex, to perform at the opening of Amy Child’s Salon and Gemma Collins plus size women shop. Russell now plans to keep going in the music career and hopes that next year he will be talking to young people about he got into music.
Well done Russell! We are looking forward to seeing more of you in the future! Good luck!

The Big Music Project Blog

After months of planning and organisation the team at Youth Cymru finally helped to pull off a fantastic day at the Wales Millennium Centre. The Big Music Project, funded by the National Lottery brought together youth organisations and leading partners within the music industry such as BPI and Global. The day consisted of live music from young people, workshops and careers advice from every part of the music industry, from makeup and hair, to lighting design, to managing your own band, this was an opportunity for everyone looking for an interesting career. The Youth Cymru team organised the Glanfa stage based in the public foyer of the Millennium Centre. It was an amazing opportunity for young people with exceptional talent to show off their original songs and their adaptations of cover songs from their favourite artists. Throughout the day we had a mixture of music genre from acoustic and jazz to grime and hip-hop, yet no matter what type of music was on there was always a large crowed not only from the young people at the project, but from the public who were passing. It was a chance for the elderly to witness the grime and hip-hop of today and for the young to witness the older genre of jazz and acoustic blues, it is fair to say that it was an amazing variety of acts that stunned our audience into staying at the millennium for longer than they anticipated. Later in the day, we gave young people who were not part of organisations that youth Cymru had contacted to show off their talents with our open MIC session. They had the chance to sign up at our Youth Cymru stall based in the market place- oh the market place! 1 The market place was set up on the Welsh Millennium Centre Stage- yes the main stage, where musicals such as The Lion King, Les Miserable’s and Wicked have preformed. The view was incredible and it did make you want to break out in song – personally “I dreamed a dream” from Les Miserable came to mind and yes I had a selfie!- anyway back to the market place. It consisted of absolutely every kind of career that makes the music industry work. Hair and make up were dolling up the young people to look beautiful- not that they didn’t already- also, they brought along their special affect make up artist who was giving young people gruesome cuts and scars. Another stall set up was the Brit School, who throughout the day put together an 8 piece band who preformed after two hours of rehearsals- which was hard to believe as they were amazing! They sang tracks by Duffy and Pixie Lott. There were many more amazing stall such as capital and backstage academy. Backstage academy has some very interesting stories about all the concerts they have been a part of such as Robbie Williams The Crown Tour, Take That, Olly Murs and many more! Every stall offered useful and interesting advice for all the young people and inspired them to take the next steps in their career. As for our Youth Cymru stall, we signed up new members and introduced them to ways of helping their community through the money for life grant and the think big O2 grant. 6   Next door to our Market place was the main stage; this was where all the big acts preformed such as Rhydian, PlanB and Becky Hill. Unfortunately Plan B didn’t sing but he did a Q&A time, this was VERY interesting to say the least. Matt, Geriant and Polly were there interviewing the stars on stage, and also took 3 questions from the crowd. Plan B was extremely up front and entirely honest about how he made it into the music industry and what his inspiration was behind his many films and chart topping albums- there was talk of crack and prostitution but we will leave that out for now. Moving on, there was music from Rhydian and Becky Hill along with other bands such as Peasants King and Sion Russell Jones. They were absolutely amazing and the cowed went crazy for them, it was an amazing atmosphere with people singing along and having a little boogie on the floor. 7849 10   Oh yes, did I mention, Rhydian engaged with all the stalls after his amazing set was finished. Here he is with some of our team at the Youth Cymru stall!   Whilst all this was going on, at the other end of the Welsh Millennium Centre were sessions. These sessions were ideal for young people to learn a bit more about the music industy. They sat and listened intently to people within their chosen careers path that had made it to where they were now and how to get involved in the industry. Also there was a pretty cool studio set up where young people practiced mixing with DJ decks and helping others with lyrics there. This gave young people the opportunity to record their own sound. Let’s hope we see some of them make it into the charts!   Overall the day was amazing and the young people seemed to have a fantastic time too! Coming along to The Big Music Project really helped young people get a foot in door and a much more clear understanding about their career choices. So a massive thank you to UK youth, Global, BPI, The National Lottery and of course our volunteers! This day was worth all the planning and organisation that all organisations put into it and it resulted in an unbelievable experience for young people and even for us elders!   2 For more pictures please visit our facebook and twitter account, Like and Follow too!!/YouthCymru?fref=ts

Money for Life Challenge, drop in sessions



Book in to a one to one drop in session now!

Register for your Money For Life Challenge, with only one month left to apply closing date 21st November.

Need help with ideas? Youth Cymru can work with staff , young people or both, to develop ideas and populate your grant.

One to one drop in sessions available at Youth Cymru (click her for map) on

Tuesday 28th October 10-3pm
Tuesday 4th November 10-3pm
Tuesday 11th November 10-3pm
Tuesday 18th November 10-3pm

Please call Mel on 07989757474 to book a slot or discuss further.

Money For Life Challenge, recommendations from Rachel Dodge at Colleges Wales

  • Judging criteria
    This may sound really obvious but it’s amazing how many teams forget about the judging criteria. You can find the criteria on page 16 of the project guide. Use this as a tick-list.
  • Application Form
    Although you will be submitting your application on to the website it would be a good idea to print off a copy of the application form before you go online. This way your team can ensure you’ve got all the information you need before you start.
  • Sell yourself
    The best part of my job is meeting enthusiastic and passionate young people and project sponsors who really want to make a difference in their communities. Try as much as you can to communicate this through your application.
  • Don’t leave it to the last minute
    Even though the deadline isn’t until the 21st November you can submit your application at any time before that. The beauty of the website is that, once you’ve created your account, you can update your application right up until the deadline. Remember to make a note of your log-in details.
  • Ask someone to read it
    Sometimes when you have been working so closely on an application it’s hard to know whether it is good or not. Ask your project sponsor, a friend or family member to have a look. They might be able to advise you on how to make your application shine.
  • Make sure your email address is right
    It’s so easy to make mistakes when you input information online. We use your email address to communicate with you about everything relating to the challenge so we want to ensure we can keep in touch.

Good luck. We can’t wait to hear about your amazing plans to make a difference in your community!

Trans*Form : Challenging Hate Crime

Aged 11-25? Identify as trans*? Would you like to be involved in a new project challenging hate crime in communities across Wales?

To mark Hate Crime Awareness Week, Youth Cymru are pleased to be working with South Wales Police and Gender Identity Matters on a pilot project in Bridgend to challenge hate crimes and incidents.

We are inviting young people to design street signs to raise awareness of what hate crime is, how to respond to it and promote Bridgend as a safe place for all.

The chosen design will be displayed in Bridgend town centre, as well as in local shops, takeaways and taxis, and will be launched at an event bringing together people from across Bridgend.

This is a pilot project and we are looking to roll out the project in communities across Wales.

Prize for the winning entry!

To submit a design or if you have any questions, please email

11-25 oed? Yn uniaethu fel traws*? Hoffech chi chwarae rhan mewn prosiect newydd sy’n herio troseddau casineb mewn cymunedau ledled Cymru?

Yn rhan o Wythnos Ymwybyddiaeth am Droseddau Casineb, mae Youth Cymru yn falch o fod yn gweithio gyda Heddlu De Cymru a Gender Identity Matters ar brosiect peilot ym Mhen-y-bont ar Ogwr er mwyn herio troseddau ac achosion casineb.

Rydyn ni’n gwahodd pobl ifanc i ddylunio arwyddion stryd i godi ymwybyddiaeth am beth yw troseddau casineb, sut i ymateb iddynt ac i hyrwyddo Pen-y-bont at Ogwr fel lle diogel i bawb.

Caiff y dyluniad buddugol ei arddangos yng nghanol tref Pen-y-bont, ac mewn siopau, siopau bwydydd parod a thacsis, a chaiff ei lansio mewn digwyddiad a fydd yn tynnu pobl o bob rhan o Ben-y-bont ar Ogwr at ei gilydd.

Prosiect peilot yw hwn, ac rydyn ni’n edrych ymlaen at gyflwyno’r prosiect mewn cymunedau ledled Cymru.

Bydd gwobr i’r cynnig buddugol!

Dylech anfon eich dyluniad, ac unrhyw gwestiynau sydd gennych, trwy e-bost at

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GI Matters logo









TBMP Volunteers

TBMP BLF WELSH Logo full colour_RGB copy_edited-1

The Big Music Project Live in Cardiff Volunteer Opportunities

Find out what your future sounds like at The Big Music Project LIVE in Cardiff. Experience the backstage of the music industry, with reps from all areas, jobs and roles within the industry all under one roof – ready to show YOU how to get to where you want to be.

We have a very limited number of volunteer opportunities available for Big Music Champions at this event. So if you want to have an amazing experience and a great role to put on your C.V get yourself signed up now!

English application form

Y Prosiect Cerdd Mawr yn Fyw yng Nghaerdydd Cyfleoedd i Wirfoddolwyr

Dyddiad: 11 Hydref 2014

Lleoliad: Canolfan Mileniwm Cymru

Dewch i glywed eich dyfodol gyda’r Prosiect Cerdd Mawr FYW yng Nghaerdydd. Dewch i gael profiad cefn llwyfan o’r diwydiant cerddoriaeth, gyda chynrychiolwyr o bob maes, swydd a rôl yn y diwydiant o dan yr un to – ac yn barod i ddangos i CHI sut i gyrraedd eich nod.

Mae nifer gyfyngedig iawn o gyfleoedd gwirfoddoli ar gael i Hyrwyddwyr Cerdd Mawr yn y digwyddiad hwn. Felly os ydych chi am gael profiad mewn rôl wych y gallwch ei gynnwys ar eich CV, ymgofrestrwch nawr!

Cadw’r Atebion a Dod Nôl Wedyn!  

Ffurflen gais Cymraeg

TBMP Hub Intro day 051


The Big Music Project Live

 Plan B - Each One Teach One

Age 14-24? Want to work in music? Join Plan B to find out what your future sounds like at The Big Music Project LIVE in Cardiff on Saturday 11th October at the Wales Millennium Centre 11am – 7.30pm

Cardiff Millennium Centre

The place to be if you’re after a job in A&R / Hair & Makeup / Sound / Lighting / Video / Set Designing / Radio / Digital / Fashion OR want to make it as a performer


The Big Music Project Live is coming to Cardiff to help YOU get that first foot in the door.



Plan B reveals tricks of the trade

The chance to perform live on stage with the BRIT School Band

Info on how to find yourself a manager or become one yourself

Networking opportunities with industry insiders

Learn to remix or record the perfect vocal

Plus live music from special guests throughout the day


Music. People. Possibilities


Get Tickets




 Plan B - Each One Teach One

Oedran 14/24? Am weithio yn y byd cerddoriaeth?

Cael gwybod beth yw eich sain chi yn Y Prosiect Cerdd Mawr yn FYW yng Nghaerdydd ar ddydd Sadwrn 11 Hydref yng Nghanolfan Mileniwm Cymru 11am – 7.30pm

Cardiff Millennium Centre


Y lle i fod os ydych am gael swydd mewn A&R / Gwallt a Cholur / Sain / Goleuadau / Fideo / Dylunio Setiau / Radio / Digidol / Ffasiwn NEU rydych am lwyddo fel perfformiwr


Mae’r Prosiect Cerdd Mawr yn Fyw yn dod i Gaerdydd i’ch helpu CHI i gael eich troed yn y drws.

Gan gynnwys…


Mae Plan B yn datgelu triciau’r crefft

Y cyfle i berfformio’n fyw ar y llwyfan gyda Band yr Ysgol BRIT

Gwybodaeth am sut i ddod o hyd i reolwr neu fynd yn un eich hun.

Cyfleoedd rhwydweithio gyda’r diwydiant

Dysgwch sut i ailgymysgu neu recordio cân leisiol berffaith

Hefyd, cerddoriaeth fyw gan westeion arbennig trwy gydol y dydd


Cerddoriaeth. Pobl. Posibiliadau. 


Dod O Hyd I Docynnau

Calling Wales’ Young People Who Want to Improve Their Community’s Money Skills

Young people who want to take on the challenge of helping their communities learn how to manage money better are encouraged to apply for a grant to put their ideas into action as part of a UK-wide competition.

Up to 80 “Money for Life Challenge” grants worth £500 each are up for grabs in Wales for groups of young people between 16 and 24 years old who are in a further education, training or a community organisation.

The grants are to help groups of young people identify a money management issue in their local community and come up with a plan to address it. Along the way, they will improve their own money skills with the help of ‘Teach Me’, an online course, and then go on to use their skills to help their friends, families and local community.

The Challenge is part of Lloyds Banking Group’s award-winning personal money management programme and runs across the whole of the UK, with ColegauCymru / CollegesWales coordinating the programme in Wales.

The Challenge is now in its fourth year and has grown each year, with Wales really getting to grips with the Challenge and attracting proportionately more grants than the other UK nations. From an initial 40 grants that were available in 2011 in Wales, the Challenge is set to double this year, with 80 grants up for grabs.

The Money for Life Challenge is having a big impact on young people and their communities, with legacy grants available to winning teams across the UK to further develop their projects for lasting impact. Key to success in the Challenge will be coming up with new and creative ideas that are based on the experiences of team members, and which address the money management needs of their community.

Helping the Challenge reach new audiences, Youth Cymru will be partnering ColegauCymru this year.

Chief Executive of Youth Cymru, Helen Mary Jones, said: “Given a little helping hand, young people demonstrate to us time and time again that they have the enthusiasm, ideas and capacity to take on community-wide issues and the Challenge is a great opportunity to help them prove their worth.

“Youth Cymru works with youth clubs across the whole of Wales and we are very much looking forward to working with ColegauCymru to open the Money for Life Challenge to new audiences.”

Project Manager for Wales, ColegauCymru’s Rachel Dodge, said: “Over the last three years, the Money for Life Challenge has seen a great variety of ideas and new approaches to communities’ money management needs.  This year, with the involvement of Youth Cymru, we are hoping to reach out to new audiences in the youth sector whilst continuing to work with groups from housing associations, Communities First, further education and work-based training settings.

“With a little money and empowerment, young people are showing the way, and I hope that the Challenge will again this year help bring about lasting change in the money management skills of communities around Wales.”

All applications for Money for Life Challenge grants must be made by 21 November 2014. The teams who are successful in being awarded a grant will then develop their ideas and put them into practice in their communities by 6 March 2015, with the best projects being selected to attend the Wales Final on 28 April 2015. The winners of the Wales Final will represent Wales at the UK Grand Final on 28 May 2015. More information is available on


Contact: Sylvia Davies on 029 2052 8384 or 07968 771913.
Notes to editors:

1. ColegauCymru / CollegesWales is a national educational charity that represents all 15 further education (FE) colleges and institutions in Wales. Its mission is to raise the profile of further education with key decision-makers to improve opportunities for learners in Wales. For further information about ColegauCymru / CollegesWales, and the colleges it represents, visit or

2. Youth Cymru is a charity that works with youth groups, youth workers and young people throughout the whole of Wales. It works with youth clubs, service providers, charities, individuals and many companies in the corporate sector to help provide services and amenities for young people in Wales. More information is available at

3. Money for Life is Lloyds Banking Group’s award-winning personal money management programme, targeted at young people and adults in further education, training and community organisations. Lloyds has invested £8 million in the programme from 2010 to 2014.

The Money for Life Qualifications provide accredited, fully-funded training to enable community support workers across the UK to embed personal money management skills at a local level.
The Money for Life Challenge is a national competition that provides £500 grants to empower teams of 16-24 year olds to run a money management in their area.

Money for Life was awarded a Big Tick and was shortlisted in Business in the Community’s Building Stronger Communities Award 2014

Social Action and Volunteering questionaire

Youth Cymru are currently looking at social action and volunteering for young people in Wales, please can you complete the questionnaire below, if you would like to share your experiences in setting up volunteering or identifying social action within your community.



Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

Free Training!!

Do you work with young people?
Looking for Free Safeguarding Training for Your Team?
Youth Cymru in partnership with the YMCA College are able to offer your organisation Level 2 Accredited Training in:
Safeguarding Young People in a Youth Work ContextIf your interested in this free course and have a minimum of 12 people who could attend the Youth Cymru Training venue then please  email: and you will contact to arrange and discuss a suitable date for your training. 


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Trans*Form Cymru Steering Group

trans wordcloud


Are you aged 11-25? Do you identify somewhere on the trans* spectrum or are gender questioning?

Would you like the opportunity to lead an exciting project promoting the rights of trans* young people in Wales?

Youth Cymru is a charity supporting young people across Wales. We have received funding from the Welsh Government for Trans*Form Cymru, a three year project aiming to improve understanding of trans* and non-binary gender identities among professionals who work with young people across Wales.

We will be forming a Steering Group of young people who relate to being trans* to lead the project with Youth Cymru.


As part of the Steering Group, you’ll have the opportunity to develop new skills, attend local and national events, take part in training and shape a project which will improve the lives of trans* young people across Wales.

  • Develop and deliver training to improve awareness of gender identity among young people and professionals who work with them.
  • Create a Charter of good practice to ensure that organisations are supporting young people whatever their gender identity
  • Have your voice heard at United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child event in July 2014. The UNCRC protects and promotes the rights of children and young people and you’ll inform a United Nations report on trans* young people’s rights in Wales.

..and much more!

If you would like to be part of the Steering Group or to find out more, please contact Rachel at