BIPA – British / Irish Parliamentary Assembly

What is BIPA?

BIPA brings 30 young people together across UK and Ireland to work with devolved and national parliamentarians to bring change across the five nations to help young people and bring change for the better. In November, we were looking for 6 young people 16-25 to represent Wales in BIPA! (British / Irish Parliamentary Assembly)

The 6 young people in Wales would meet and talk about issues we face and did consultations with other young people across Wales. We then took these issues and discussed them with other young people in the UK and Ireland to find common issues and collate common calls to take to BIPA.

We met with BIPA in Cardiff in November to debate these issues. The project builds relationships between each Nations young people and their BIPA representative to help bring these calls to the countries government. We will meet again a final time in 2017 to evaluate the project and any changes made in our individual countries as a result of the project.